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Sympathy Flowers

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Sympathy flowers hand delivered to the home of the bereaved family can bring comfort while the family may be receiving visitors. Traditionally, simple bouquets or vases of all white flowers, especially lilies, are appropriate for every situation.

When somebody has passed from the world, it is a difficult time for their friends, family, and loved ones. Sympathy flowers hand delivered to the home of a family in mourning can offer comfort when little can be found.

Send Home Sympathy Flowers to the Bereaved

Flowers honoring the deceased are for more than just funerals. After the service is over, the death is still present in the family; they must move through this difficult time when little happiness or comfort is to be had.

Flowers can offer a long-lasting reminder to the bereaved family that they are in your thoughts. Flowers and baskets can last for months, providing a daily reminder of the better things in the world. A flower bouquet can serve as a bright point for a family in mourning, giving them something beautiful to see every day.

White flowers are the traditional choice for sympathy bouquets. Blooms Today offers a wide variety of white bouquets, particularly featuring lilies and roses. You may also chose to gift the family a yellow bouquet, sharing the color of happiness and light. A yellow bouquet can bring brightness into even the darkest day.

Oftentimes, it's difficult to be physically present for a family all through their period of mourning. You can give them support simply by sending the right bouquet, reminding them how much you care and how you miss the deceased as well. Blooms Today offers many options for vases, baskets, and pots, beautiful and elegant holders for these bouquets that will last a long time.