Floral Meaning: The Language of Flowers

For centuries, flowers have brought joy to people all over the world. The beauty and fragrance of cheerful blossoms have a unique ability to connect with a person’s emotions in a variety of ways to uplift, encourage, give thanks, or even sooth. They are one of the most popular ways to send sincere, unspoken messages. They represent an expression of encouragement for someone who is facing a difficult time. They are given to share joy during a time of celebration or let someone know they are not alone during a time of loss. Flowers can also serve as a way to share a message that may be otherwise difficult to say with the spoken word.

If you are ever at a loss for words, or need a way to share your enthusiasm, friendship, or love, try it with language of flowers. Blooms Today has selected a few of the most popular flowers often given as gifts and created this handy guide. Print it out, fold it up, put it in your wallet and if you are ever in need of a little help translating or framing a message for someone special we hope this will get you started.


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