Anniversary Pairings: Flowers by Year and Meaning

If you’ve ever struggled with what type of flowers to get for an anniversary, what flowers should be paired together, or the special meaning of certain flowers, read on. Here is a guide to flowers traditionally
given on important anniversaries and their meanings.

B23-4800_BT_croppedFirst Anniversary: Pansy and/or Red Carnation

At first glance, this could seem like an odd flower combination. Pansies are groundcover flowers that come in a variety of colors, and each color has a different meaning attached. Red carnations, on the other hand, are traditionally taller and bushier, so you might worry that pansies will be outshone. However, the right color combination can make this bouquet pop. Start with a dark red carnation to symbolize deep love – as in, a love that hasn’t changed since the day you were married. You can then add a light red carnation for admiration – all the traits you admire in your loved one. Finally, choose pansies based on their colors’ meaning. Yellow symbolizes optimism and cheeriness and is a good contrast to red carnations. Pink symbolizes unconditional love, compassion, and understanding. Pansies of any color denote loving thoughts.

C12-4792p_BT_cropped2Fifth Anniversary: Daisies

Daisies are thought to be named for the phrase “day’s eye,” as in the first light of dawn. They’re traditionally given on the fifth anniversary to symbolize innocence, grace, purity, and childhood. The fifth anniversary might be when you as a couple start thinking about having children or trying to conceive another child. If so, the daisy can underscore this. It’s often associated with the Virgin Mary and her nurturing of the baby Jesus. The phrase “fresh as a daisy” is also applicable here as it brings to mind energy, optimism, and creativity. In Norse mythology, the daisy was sacred to the goddess Freya and symbolized fertility, sensuality, and earthiness. Roses might be the traditional romantic flower, but add a few daisies to your bouquet if you’re bringing it to the bedroom for extra luck.

Tenth Anniversary: Daffodils

It’s said that a couple who makes it ten years has achieved a huge milestone. Make this tenth anniversary feel like a milestone with daffodils. This flower often gets overlooked but needs much more attention. With their star-shaped blossoms and bright orange centers, daffodils are a breathtaking flower, especially in spring and summer. In fact, the daffodil symbolizes spring because it’s one of the first perennial blooms to appear. The daffodil’s most common colors, yellow and orange, are associated with life, energy, vitality, and togetherness. Because the daffodil is a trumpet-like flower, its shape is also used to symbolize big announcements or the “music of the spirit.” If you or your mate has experienced anxiety, depression, or other rough times lately, daffodils can bring cheer back to your marriage and encourage new joy.

Twelfth Anniversary: Peony

Twelve isn’t normally considered a big anniversary, but it is an important number. Twelve is considered a number of completion – twelve months per year, twelve days of Christmas, twelve eggs in a dozen, and so forth. A couple married twelve years may feel they’ve completed an important cycle or gone above and beyond the accomplishment of a ten-year anniversary.

Peonies are thousands of years old and are the traditional floral symbol of China, one of our most ancient civilizations. Peonies often symbolize richness and honor, which could be significant for a couple who’ve been able to settle into their careers and put aside much discretionary income. Legend has it that Paeon, physician to the Greek gods, was saved from dying when he was turned into a peony. Accordingly, the peony is now said to have healing properties and is still used in Chinese and other herbal medicine. The flower may then help a couple whose lives have been influenced by illness.

E4-4809e_BT_croppedFifteenth Anniversary: Roses

This popular flower most closely associated with romance is traditionally given on fifteenth anniversaries. The rose is said to be 35 million years old and has been an emblem in many historic moments. For example, the House of York adopted the white rose in the War of the Roses while the House of Lancaster chose the red rose. Additionally, in seventeenth century England, roses were considered legal tender.



Today, roses symbolize deep and abiding love. Red roses mixed with pink symbolize gratitude and appreciation for your loved one. Adding white roses adds an element of spirituality, fond remembrance,
and purity. Some couples may prefer orange roses which symbolize passion,
or yellow roses, most closely associated with joy, health, and friE8-4812d_BT_Croppedendship within love. Show your love you truly married your best friend with a mix of red and yellow roses. The Flowers you see here can all be purchased by visiting our Blooms Today Anniversary Selection