What Do You Give a Gardener for Mother’s Day?

April 27, 2015 / Blooms Today

Finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day can seem daunting. Luckily, if the mom in your life is a gardener there is a bounty of great gifts at your fingertips that she is guaranteed to love. Check out this list of mom-approved gifts for your favorite gardener!






Bee-HouseBee House: Help mom keep her garden a-buzz with a nicely designed bee house. They come in all sizes, shapes, and styles so you’re sure to find something that will match her personality. Not only that, the bees will keep her garden pollinated and give her some fresh, local honey to enjoy all year.


Gardener’s Tool Seat: This nifty device not only gives mom a portable place to store her gardening tools, it also gives her a place to get comfortable in the garden with all of her necessary tools within arm’s reach. The 21 pocket tool bag is water-resistant and easily detaches from the seat for portability.


Butterfly-PuddlerAquafarm: An innovative invention to be sure, this mini garden will let your mother bring her hobby home with her while introducing her to the wonders of aquaculture. Although the aquafarm can be placed in a variety of places, it makes a great addition to the kitchen for quick access to fresh herbs such as basil, mint, and spinach.



Butterfly Puddler: It’s tough to go wrong with butterflies. They’re beautiful and helpful to the pollinating process in the garden. Butterfly puddlers are a great way to attract these lovely guests into your mom’s garden, and give them a place to rest so she can enjoy their beauty.


Bird-FeederBird Feeder: Birds are an ever important addition to garden life. Keeping a bird feeder in the garden adds not only decorative beauty, but also brings around some feathered friends to perform their lovely songs and keep the insect population in mom’s garden under control naturally.


Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit: These fun plant boxes are a creative way to help mom take her garden up a notch. They can be mounted indoors or outside, and the hardy succulents they grow will keep blooming with little effort so your mom can enjoy their beauty without excessive worry.


Terrariums: In those cold winter months, a terrarium can be just the ticket to keep your mom’s gardening whistle wet. Terrariums are diverse mini-gardens, set up in creative and beautiful ways that act both as a garden and a decoration.


Ladybug Castle: Another great way to attract helpful critters into your mom’s garden is with a ladybug castle. These pretty little structures will shelter ladybugs and their eggs from predators giving them a warm hide-out in the winter so they can keep those nasty aphids at bay and delight your mom with their pretty shells.


Garden-TorchGarden Torches: Gardeners love spending time in their gardens. The gift of some decorative garden torches will let your mom enjoy hers in a whole new light. These torches transform her day’s work into a nighttime retreat, not to mention adding some flare to the daylight hours as well.



Gardening Tools: Most gardeners have a favorite tool or tool-set, and moms are no exception. Check in her tool box – is one tool more worn than the others? Could something she hasn’t thought of be a helpful addition? May is an excellent time to find great deals as many stores discount gardening supplies in anticipation of Mother’s Day.


Garden-ShoesGardening Apparel: Get your mama to her garden in style! There is a wide range of accessories that will help your mom keep her clothes clean while still looking great. Gloves, water-resistant shoes, and aprons are always helpful additions to a garden-enthusiast’s closet.


PostCardens: These fun mini gardens are sure to delight even the most discerning mom. The pop-up paper “greenhouse” shelters a variety of plants that can be cultivated and grown to accent her space – and provide a fun conversation piece.


Tree Kits: Growing a tree has never been so simple. With tree growing kits, your mom can start her own forest with little effort and maximum reward. Tree kits come in a variety of sizes and types, so you can get your mother the tree-to-be that will be right for her space.


These gifts are sure to leave the green-thumbed mom in your life excited this Mother’s Day, so get out there and start shopping!

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