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July 25, 2017 / Blooms Today

It’s moving season, one of the most popular times for family relocation between school years. Moving across the city or the country is not complicated. You don’t need horses or covered wagons, and you won’t have to build a fire to cook your dinner. With a positive, can-do attitude, new opportunities on the horizon and a fun trip along the way, you can ignite some passion and a sense of adventure for everyone.




European-GardenThe real blessing comes on other end when someone pops in to welcome you to the neighborhood. You can be that special someone who extends the hand of friendship to a young professional or couple, retired people, family of five – or more or less – replete with a golden retriever.



Radiant-CharmsOf all the things you can show up with, a warm smile and bouquet of brilliant fresh flowers from bloomstoday.com might make the biggest impression. Just in case they don’t have all their glassware unpacked, order one of the bouquets that comes in a lovely glass vase. Other ideas to welcome new people include:



  • Pure-HappinessRegional visitor’s guide
  • List of reputable plumbers, electricians, etc.
  • Home baked cookies, muffins or cupcakes
  • Lemonade or iced tea and plastic cups on a hot move-in day
  • Street map
  • Local brochures from the Chamber of Commerce
  • Neighborhood Watch information
  • E-mail addresses and phone numbers of immediate neighbors (with permission to share)
  • Invitation to a cookout at your house
  • Box of donuts
  • Welcome bag of assorted goodies and info


Cheerful-GreetingsAmong the cadre of boxes and uncertainty of what goes where, a vase of fresh flowers provides a bright spot, a friendly gesture, a beautiful focal point amidst the temporary disorganization. You will be long remembered for your thoughtfulness, and the move may even go more calmly and quickly for the tranquility of one vase of brightly colored flower blossoms.


It’s challenging to buy flowers for someone you don’t know, so the bloomstoday.com floral professionals have a few suggestions of multi-bloom arrangements that are sure to brighten the day for new neighbors.


  • Peace-LilyEuropean Garden ~ soft, pastel and whimsical
  • Radiant Charms ~ colorful with a dash of excitement
  • Vibrant Garden Bouquet ~ bright, bold and beautiful
  • Delightful Sunshine ~ white and yellow brilliance
  • Pure Happiness ~ assortment of colors and textures
  • Thoughts of You ~ charming medley of fresh blooms
  • Classic Peace Lily Plant ~ home accent piece that lives on
  • Cheerful Greetings ~ enchanting daisies with pops of red


Relocation is one of those life events which brings together an interesting blend of excitement, optimism and apprehension, along with moving minutiae, fond farewells and a memorable welcome to the neighborhood.


By Joanne M. Anderson

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