Wedding Bouquet: A Striking Floral Presence

May 16, 2016 / Blooms Today

The wedding bouquet is one of the most beautiful, integral components of the bride’s ensemble and carrying one has evolved from garlic, dill and herbs to spectacular, and fragrant, floral arrangements. Theories abound on the inception of carrying pungent combinations, from the Plague to covering for body odor and warding off evil spirits. Flowers have long been a symbol of fertility. Sage was included for wisdom, and dill, well, that’s the flower of lust. Sometimes, brides and grooms would eat a snippet from the bouquet or they would be included to eat at the wedding feast.

Beach-WeddingTimes have changed, and today’s bridal bouquets are crafted with stunning flowers chosen by the bride as a favorite flower and/or to match her color scheme and theme. It’s hard to top roses for traditional wedding flowers, and many of today’s bouquet’s incorporate roses with other colors and textures.

There are practically endless photos of bridal bouquets online, and you only need to draw on your own preferences and style to determine what kind of bouquet you want. Out of the bouquet choice will flow bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnières for the gentlemen, wedding and reception floral arrangements, hair flower accents and perhaps even cake accent flowers (if edible).

Outdoor-Nature-Inspired-WeddingPerhaps the very best thing about wedding bouquets is that there are no set rules or ways to choose the colors or flowers. Selecting something in season is sort of obvious, but you can get almost any flower year-round, and the suggestions below are just that, mere suggestions to prompt your own creativity. For the do-it-yourselfers, hop on to to choose all the flowers you want in your own unique bouquet.


Beach wedding ~ a variety of soft colors, akin to seashore corals, whites, creams and aquamarines. Beach grass or marram grass and other beach-y vegetation can bring a couple of interesting vertical points to your bouquet. Make a splash of color with tulips and sweet peas.

Traditional-Wedding-FlowersCountry rustic ~ here’s where daisies and wildflowers reign in bridal bouquets, something kind of loose and unruly, like it was picked on a morning walk just before gathering eggs. Something fun, whimsical with bachelor buttons, poppies, hydrangeas, delphiniums, snapdragons and coneflowers.

Outdoor nature-inspired ~ an eclectic combination of lily of the valley, showy daisies (which are small), herbs, twigs, feathers, berries, evergreen sprigs, ornamental grass or wheat sheaves, a freshly bundled, less fussy, organic look.

Traditional ~ dramatic roses from brilliant red to ivory and pastels galore, fragrant peonies, darling dahlias, cascading wedding flowers (from the wedding flower shrub), monochromatic perhaps with a pop of your favorite contrasting color.


Vineyard-WeddingVineyard ~ the winery wedding begs the bouquet in rich cabernet colors alongside golden hues of amber, blushing white and desert rose. Clip a couple grapevine sprigs to polish the look.

Vintage ~ lace pops into mind with the vintage and shabby chic crowd where Queen Anne’s lace, baby breath and airy ferns and greenery mix with burlap, twine and lacey ribbons cascading from the bouquet handle.


All flowers are pretty and can complement, contrast or match your wedding color theme. Also the handle of the bouquet can be finished with any ribbon or fabric which extends your theme or makes its own statement. However large or small, bold and beautiful or soft and graceful, your bouquet is personally yours, personally you.

By Joanne M. Anderson

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