Valentine’s Day: Not Just For Sweethearts…

February 5, 2018 / Blooms Today

Valentine’s Day is the absolutely perfect time to remind someone of your love, affection and admiration. Not a lover or your spouse or boy friend or girl friend, but one of those special people who has touched your life in a warm, positive way. It could be a relative you have known all your life who has always seen you as a wonderful individual with potential to spare. Or maybe a school teacher who encouraged you in a mighty way, perhaps last week, last year or a decade or more ago. Someone at work may be extra supportive of your efforts and assist you in moving toward your career goals. Maybe a neighbor came to the rescue in a situation where you needed a hand. A pastor. A boss. A friend. A coworker. A shopkeeper. A hairdresser. Your favorite server at your favorite restaurant.

European-GardenAll along life’s journey, people step in and out of our lives, leaving indelible warmth in our hearts. This is the time to acknowledge how much you love and appreciate each one of them with fresh, long lasting flowers from It’s a traditional holiday of roses, but’s Valentine’s Collection purposefully includes gorgeous, colorful, hand-arranged floral bouquets perfect for someone you love unromantically. Remember the shut-in, the elderly, the single, divorced and widowed who may need to hear that they are loved on Valentine’s Day, too.

Be-My-ValentineEach of these bouquets delivers happiness, love and joy professionally selected and arranged in a keepsake vase:

European Garden – beautiful spring colors like in the gardens painted by famous European artists, sunny yellow with posy pink, glorious purple, whimsical white and gentle greenery.

Be My Valentine with Balloon – perfect for someone without a special Valentine love this year in shades of mauve, garnet and cream; the balloon just broadens the smile upon delivery.

Precious-HeartPrecious Heart – soft pastels with pops of pink elicit pure happiness when received, blended with love and warm affection.

Among the many things people tend to reminisce about in their own heads is, perhaps sadly so, not saying “I Love You” frequently enough to people who have brought joy, compassion, helpfulness and encouragement when it was needed most. It’s so simple to show you care, to send flowers, to express your love, along with “I Never Forget You”. 1-800-520-5628.

By Joanne M. Anderson

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