U.S. Flag and U.S. Armed Forces Flags in Flowers: Flag Day is June 14

June 7, 2017 / Blooms Today

Bernard J. CiGrand was the youngest of six children born in Wisconsin in the mid-1800s to European immigrants. He sold rags and scrap iron as a kid to purchase books. At 12, he worked for the U.S. Book and Bible Club, earning 25 cents from each book sale. Before he turned 20, he was earning a whopping $40 a month teaching school. He wrote many articles advocating a Flag Day, as well as penning books on American patriots and emblems like [the] “Story of the Great Seal of the United States.”


UnityFlag Day caught on first in elementary schools, and in 1916, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation establishing Flag Day as June 14.  The date was finally signed into legislation by President Harry S. Truman in 1949.

Bloomstoday.com offers several patriotic bouquets to honor patriotism, service, love of country and branches of the Armed Forces. The FTD® floral arrangements include:




FTD® Unity™ Bouquet, tall and elegant with flowers and flags in red white and blue
FTD® Independence™ Bouquet, sweet and round with white lilies, red roses and blue ribbon
FTD® Greater Glory™ Basket, white woven basket vessel with tall white gladiolas, blue hydrangea, red roses, white lilies


You can find an exquisite array of pure white or robust red roses artfully arranged among fresh greenery and baby’s breath with an American flag and one of the U.S. Armed Forces flag to honor someone in a super special way:


red_whtie_and_youU.S. Army flag
U.S. Navy flag
U.S. Coast Guard flag
U.S. Marines flag
U.S. Air Force flag
POW – MIA flag



12-Yellow-Roses -Air-ForceAny of these arrangements exhibit your own patriotism along with your thoughtfulness on Flag Day, when small towns and big cities all across the nation display the American flag with pride. Sometimes you’ll see a flag patch worn backwards on the arm of a military uniform. It is permitted by the Flag Code because the field of stars should be worn closest to the human heart. Also, the flag appears that it is advancing, not retreating. Thus, when a patch is affixed to a right sleeve, it is placed backwards. Just a tidbit of flag knowledge, as you prepare to display your flag, send flowers with flags to people who love and admire and enjoy the day when we honor Old Glory.



By Joanne M. Anderson

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