Top Three Romantic Flowers

August 6, 2014 / Blooms Today

Many guys want to send flowers to their girlfriend, fiancé, wife, or romantic interest, but it is not always easy to decide which type of flower to send. There are so many different types out there, could it be possible to send the wrong kind of flower? The good news is, there are many flowers that are truly cherished by someone lucky to receive them. Below are the three of the most romantic flowers typically sent to a loved one for a romantic occasion.




rose-140853_1280Roses might be obvious, but they are truly a class symbol of love. A rose, or better yet, a dozen roses, is a great way to clearly express your love for someone. Most people choose red because it is such a romantic color, but one could also try a different color such as pink or white. If you can find roses in his or her favorite color, that might even be better as it would will let the receiver know you thought about ways to personalize the gift a little. While roses are a wonderful, easy symbol for love and romance, they are not necessarily for everyone. If you know that your girl likes unique and different gifts rather than the typical or classic, then maybe you should try a different flower.


lily-262112_640Lilies have become very popular lately because of their brightness and beauty. They are grown in many different colors including white, yellow, and pink. Many people will admit that they are a favorite because they are so big and bold. One really doesn’t need very many to make a beautiful bouquet. This is great because it means they will be a more affordable gift. Mixing lilies with another bold flower is a great option that adds just a little more flair to the look of the arrangement.






orchid-233425_1280Orchids are popular because of their unique nature and elegant-looking characteristics. Usually, one will see a single orchid rather than many orchids bunched together, but it is possible to find an elegant and beautiful orchid bouquet. Orchids are definitely a little more on the pricey side, but a really good florist will take great care of these types of flowers so you only get the freshest of the bunch when ordering.


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