Discovering the Varieties of Roses

June 17, 2014 / Blooms Today

Roses are one of the World’s most popular flowers. They are often grown in personal gardens, but they are also popular flowers for commercial florists. Roses are favored because people love both the look and the smell of this wonderful flower and it has come to be the floral symbol of love. Did you know over 100 different species of rose exist in the world? We won’t break down all of the them for you here, but we did find out some great information about 5 of the most recognizable roses.


The Hybrid Tea Rose

rose-591087_640The hybrid tea rose is the most well-known type of rose and it is the type of rose that most people think of when they hear the word “rose.” When you purchase a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, this is probably the flower you will be buying. This flower is a cross between a perpetual hybrid rose, and a tea rose. It has been bred for both its beauty and its scent, and has come to essentially symbolize the entire category of roses. They come in many different colors including red, white, pink, and yellow.

The Floribunda Rose

rose-300950_640Floribunda roses are also known as hybrid polyantha roses because they are a hybrid of the hybrid tea rose and polyantha rose. Like the hybrid tea rose, this flower can come in many different colors including orange, pink, and of course, red. This flower tends to produce a lot more flowers than the hybrid tea rose. The bush for this rose can grow quite large, but the flowers are shorter when compared to the hybrid tea. These roses aren’t particularly fragrant, but their beauty makes them ideal for landscaping.

The Rogusa Rose

japanese-ornamental-quince-324383_640This is another very thick rosebush, and can be grown in hard landscapes such as ones that are often exposed to heavy winds. This bush can grow to be very tall, though with consistent pruning, it can maintain a short and stocky shape. The petals of this flower are often orange with bright red tips. They can also be grown in other colors including red and purple. The flowers of this bush are large and they produce a sweet smell.



The Miniature Rose

rose-123314_640Unlike the previously mentioned roses which fall into the “New Garden Rose” category, these flowers fall into the “Old Garden Rose” group. They produce smaller bloom sand the bushes tend to be very thick and short. The roses bloom in the summer and can be grown in a wide variety of colors.



The Shrub Rose

shrubs-356538_640This is a generic designation given to the thickest of rose bushes that are ideal for landscaping. They can come in any color you can imagine, and the flowers tend to grow in rounded shapes. They are particularly good at surviving harsh winters, they have excellent disease resistance, and they grow in a multitude of soil conditions. These roses bloom in the summer, and generally grow to an average of 6 feet, though they can be pruned to any desired height.



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