The Office Bouquet

March 13, 2018 / Blooms Today

Sending fresh flowers from to an office is one big way to brighten the day of the staff, guests, customers, students, whoever passes through a reception area or perhaps the lunch room for employees. Expressing appreciation to an entire small business or service organization is such a welcome surprise, as entrepreneurs, managers and employees work hard to satisfy all kinds of clients to the highest standards.

Among the places you might consider acknowledging with a vase of brilliant, fresh, long-lasting flowers from are:

Delightful-SunshineFirst Responders — the volunteer fire department, rescue, police, sheriff, ambulance. “Thank you for always being ready 24/7 to help the community!”

Veterinary Office — it’s no picnic to tend to people’s pets who are injured, sick or in pain for some unknown reason. “We appreciate all you do for Fido and Fluffy and all the fur members in our family and community!”

Dentist/Doctor — maybe the last place you want to be, but the staff is compassionate, gentle and caring. “May your day be blessed for all your efforts and compassion to your patients.”


Pink-CelebrationSchool Teacher/School Office — an adored instructor or school which guides your child and all his/her classmates along their journeys in education. “Know that your efforts are noticed, and all the children are learning and growing under your excellent teaching/school approach.”

Hospital and/or ER — day after day around sick and injured people can take its toll on the most skilled clerks, nurses and doctors. “We appreciate all you do to make people feel safe, comfortable and valued in their time of need.”


Purple-PassionHVAC, Plumber, Mechanic, Repair Service — this is dirty work that few want to do, yet these technicians and small companies continually train in advanced electronics and controls to fix our stuff. “Thanks for your expertise, responsiveness and concern for each customer; you are important in our lives, homes and community.”

Lawyer, Accountant, Architect — these professionals and support staff endure just as much angst, emotion and challenge as any job. “Your counsel and guidance are esteemed and appreciated. Thanks for all you do.”


Vibrant-GardenRestaurant/Cafe — imagine trying to satisfy the palates of and deliver stellar service to everyone who walks through the door. “We love your menu, service, staff and ambiance every time we visit.”

Being appreciated with a surprise bouquet of flowers to display in a business’s common area, waiting room or reception desk really builds up workers when they may need it the most. If you send a glorious vase on Monday or Tuesday, it’ll be adored all week. Mid-week, it will give a lift of spirits to everyone. Hospitals, restaurants and cafes, law enforcement and first responders are on the job weekends, too. Don’t over-analyze the day — like when is the best day to plant a tree? Today. Today is the best day to send flowers to offices you appreciate.


By Joanne M. Anderson

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