The Centerpieces of Thanksgiving

November 14, 2017 / Blooms Today

While pumpkin pie with whipped cream may signal a final wrap to the Thanksgiving extravaganza, the floral centerpiece sets the stage initially for beauty, color, texture and glorious dining. You can make your own centerpieces from natural twigs, bittersweet, Indian corn and baby pumpkins, but fresh flowers from must take center stage.

The exquisite styles, blossom combinations and seasonal colors in the Thanksgiving collection at have been artfully designed and are carefully assembled for your enjoyment and to send to family and friends too far to see in person. Any one of these will also deliver thankfulness to and from a business colleague, shut-in, nursing home resident or law enforcement or first responder office – those who remain “on call” throughout the holidays.


Fall-Wishes-CenterpieceAutumn Harvest is the perfect bouquet of autumn colors and bloom variety

Fall Wishes Centerpiece includes statuesque taper candles to ramp up on atmosphere

Harvest Happiness with Amber Vase raises the bar with everyone’s fave of sunflowers nestled among other blooms in a charming amber vase


Autumn-Harvest-SpecialAutumn Harvest Special is like a field of flowers in a free orange glass vase

FTD® Nature’s BountyTM Bouquet is charming for its woven basket and sweet ‘n short presentation

FTD® Harvest HomeTM Cornucopia graces the Thanksgiving table like no other for the cornucopia basket.


Harvest-Happiness-with-Amber-VaseThese are just a few of the seasonal bouquets which look lovely on every dining room table. Fresh flowers are also appreciated in the office, powder room, kitchen, foyer, waiting rooms and any place people pass through or gather. Once you have the flowers or centerpiece, then add your own little touches with:



  • fresh fruits
  • natural greenery or dried grasses
  • mini pumpkins
  • bittersweet and twigs
  • brass, copper, tin, black wrought iron, wood pieces
  • Indian corn and wheat
  • little clear vases with beads, sand, birdseed, dried corn and a single fresh flower!

For the bountiful busy Thanksgiving dinner where people want to see one another across the table, consider the lower crafted centerpieces designed just for these moments with family and friends: Thanksgiving Moments Centerpiece comes with two taper candles, and the Fall Gathering Centerpiece with one candle. Also, there’s Harvest Time Centerpiece (two taper candles) and Fiery Fall Centerpiece (one candle).

It’s a beautiful time of year to say thank you, to be thankful, to send flowers, to order flowers for your home, to share flowers, to glory in the love, friendship and fellowship that is Thanksgiving.

Written by Joanne M. Anderson

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