The Etiquette Behind Sending Sympathy Flowers

May 30, 2014 / Blooms Today

Losing someone close is very hard, full of strong emotions of sadness and grief. A popular and often appreciated method of expressing your condolences to someone in mourning is by sending flowers to let them know you care.  But, what flowers are appropriate to send in order to convey a message of comfort such as this? Is there a certain etiquette that oone should follow? In this blog, you will find out what you need to know about sending sympathy flowers and the best way to do it.


What You Need To Know

  • Finding the right flowers for the occasion can be easily obtainable. Don’t hesitate to ask a florist for help. If you are ordering flowers online check to see if there is a collection of items already prepared for you to choose from.
  • Include a card. Make sure that the recipient knows that these wonderful flowers are from you. It is acceptable to send flowers from more than one person and include all names on the card.
  • It is never too late to send an arrangement to express your sympathy. Even if the funeral has passed, sending thoughts of condolence can be very comforting to those in mourning.
  • In addition to flowers, plants are appropriate gifts to send as a gesture of support and love. Green or blooming plants last a long time and are a great way to celebrate and remember life.
  • Flowers are a universal gift for those who have lost a loved one. If you’re not familiar with the family’s background, it’s safe to send a basic bouquet.
  • Standard practices for sending flowers of condolence include determining whether they should be sent to the funeral home for the service, or directly to a loved one of the deceased.  Below is a helpful guide to help you decide on an appropriate arrangement or gift.


Funeral Arrangements

Floral-WreathFlorists work with funeral homes and can help you determine when and where to send flowers if you provide the name of the deceased.  Appropriate deliveries for a funeral service include flower baskets, floor arrangements, wreaths, or sprays.  Larger flowers, such as chrysanthemums, carnations, snapdragons, lilies and roses are great for creating these stunning memorials.

Members of the immediate family often send sprays or wreaths.  Other arrangements from children, parents, or a spouse include flower baskets or floor arrangements. The best options for close friends and business associates who would like to send flowers include wreaths, basket arrangements, plants, or bouquets in a vase.  Make sure you don’t pick a vase that can tip over as it may be displayed on the floor.

For the Home

flower-515474_640Sending flowers or gift baskets to a home is also a very nice way to share messages of condolence. Choose floral arrangements that can be displayed as a centerpiece on a table, nightstand, or mantle. These gifts can include small floral arrangements in a decorative vase, blooming plants in a basket, or gift baskets.  Popular flowers for home arrangements can include daisies, carnations, lilies, roses, or delphinium. For extra inspiration, check out our Language of Flowers guide to help you choose the flowers that best represents your sentiment.

Most importantly, when it comes to sympathy flower giving try not to let your comforting gesture be limited to one day.  Anyone who’s lost a friend or family member will be in mourning for some time, especially after the activity of a funeral and planning. Give them a call or stop by to say hello. Let them know you are still thinking about them. Your kindness and support will be appreciated.


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