Summer Potted Flowers

July 5, 2017 / Blooms Today

As pansies fold in the summer heat, petunias, geraniums, lobelia, coreopsis, lantana and more happily thrive. Many flowers love the warmth and hot summer sun, so if your first round of spring pots and hanging baskets look a little weary and dry, you can update them today.





DaylightPotted flowers give a pop of color wherever they land, and a solo splash of color draws as much attention as a cluster of pots with flowers of many colors. Set containers next to a rock, at fence corners, on the edge of front steps or between garage doors. Look at thrift shops for old benches and chairs to incorporate into your landscape to hold pots. Some good summer choices which provide beauty as well as bouquet potential include:

black-eyed Susans

New-SunriseThinking outside the pot, it’s a good time of year to plant hydrangea in full bloom to get the joy of the blossoms this year and for years to come. Though most often planted in the ground as a shrub, hydrangea does will in big pots.You can still plant sunflower seeds to bloom in the fall.

There are no rules either that summer potted flowers must live outdoors. They can be very happy in sunny windows and rooms away from air conditioning vents. You can grow herbs almost any time of year, and what they do not offer for flower blossoms, they make up for in fresh cooking flavors.

For the shady spots indoors or outside, consider these beauties:

lamb’s ears

Only the greenest of thumbs or luckiest of flower pot owners do not need a mid-summer sprucing up of blossoms and plants that simply didn’t make it in the transplant phase. And if heading out to the local nursery or home improvement store for potting soil and new flowers seems overwhelming, log on to and order a bouquet of just what you want and send it to yourself. This simplifies assembling a lovely vase of fresh, long-lasting flowers for the front porch, your next BBQ and your own summertime enjoyment.

By Joanne M. Anderson

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