Should You Send a Flowers to a Guy?

July 8, 2014 / Blooms Today

Flower giving has been a custom that has remained constant through the years because it is a natural and often symbolic way of expressing emotion. Flowers are not only beautiful to look at, but they also have the power to send an unspoken messages of love, thanks, sorrow, congratulations, or encouragement.

Both men and women love getting surprises, especially if it contains a special message. Not surprisingly, both genders can appreciate the sentiment behind a gift of flowers in similar ways.  However, deciding to send a bouquet to a man may be a different process than for a women. If you are unsure whether to send flowers to your husband, boyfriend, dad, or boss, try reading this short guide to help you decide.


What’s the message?

What do you want to tell him? Is it something for a special occasion or is it “just because.” Here is a small list of flowers and some of the different meanings behind them to get you started. For a more detailed list, visit our Language of Flowers Guide.

Daisies can often mean, “Good luck”, “I am sad for you”, or “thank you”

Red Roses mean, “I love you”, “I still love you”, “you are beautiful”, or “I am thankful”

The language behind Lilies include, “I’m sorry for your loss”, “I am hopeful”, “I will remember”, or “let’s celebrate”

Tulips say, “You have come so far”, “Feel better soon”, and “I am thinking about you”

An orchid can mean, “You are unique”, “I am sorry”, or “congratulations”

More important than the message (at least for a guy) is how loudly you say it. Before you send flowers, decide whether he’d like them to be delivered right from your hands as a private message between you and him. Would he mind if you publicly told him your feelings? The actual act of telling the world (or, at least, his entire office) how much you care about him can be enough to brighten his day.

What should you send?

Send flowers to a guy for the same reasons he may send them to you; for his birthday, an anniversary, to congratulate him, or for a holiday.

caudata-573508_1920Avoid sending “soft” colors such as light pink or purple. Try bolder colors like deep red or blue. Unique looking flowers like Birds of Paradise is one idea.  Perhaps a cactus or flowering plant is a better choice, something that he can proudly display on his desk. If you are still unsure, don’t hesitate to ask a florist for help.

Giving flowers is a universal act of kindness from one person to another. If you do decide to send flowers to him remember it is not just about the flowers, but also the gesture that can be appreciated.

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