Roses are red ~ Violets are blue ~ Sugar is sweet ~ And so are you!

June 8, 2016 / Blooms Today

While many variations of this poetic verse have been crafted, this may well be the most popular and likely comes from lines of “The Faerie Queene” written in 1590 by Sir Edmund Spenser. Of course, roses ~ the birth flower for the month of June ~ come in many colors, but red is the most popular and signifies devotion, love, affection and emotion in stunning strength and abundant beauty. It is cherished for its fragrance, gorgeous petals and majestic shape.


Bright red alone stimulates moods like no other color and has been reported to promote energy and a sense of wellness. Claude Monet, founder of the French impressionist painting movement, once stated: “Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.” Shades of red that flow into orange and yellow exude warmth and excitement as seen in fire and sunshine. These are active colors. Red is powerful and often associated with passion. It is magical and has found places in heroism and sacrifice. Red’s popularity is significant the world over.




  • one of top two favorite colors of everyone
  • most popular color in flags for countries of the world (~75%)
  • most popular color in China
  • red kimono of Japan represents happiness
  • 2nd most visible color (thus, fire trucks and stop signs)
  • can motivate people to take action
  • sign of good luck in Asia
  • promotes ambition, perseverance and confidence




Studies on color report that too much red (like perhaps all walls in a room) can cause agitation and too little (just a tiny spot in a painting) promotes caution. Using “The Three Bears” story for an anchor point, it sounds like a charming bouquet of fresh red roses is just right! Not too much, not too little, simply perfect to bring boldness and courage into someone’s life via a same day or next day delivery.

Rose-Close-UpFrom the deep reds of cabernet, raspberry, rhubarb, maroon and cherry tones to lipstick and ruby reds and into light shades like pink popsicle and bunny nose pink, you cannot miss your mark in sending love, admiration and friendship with roses. They are one of the most revered blossoms the world over. You can honor someone you like, love, work with, live with or have some human connection with simply by logging on to or giving a quick call, 1-800-357-6153. Such a simple step on your part for such a huge splash of gratitude on the recipient’s part. Today is a good day to order roses from someone you care for ~ if just to say: Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you!

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