Reusing Your Flower Vase in Decorating

March 4, 2015 / Blooms Today

Flowers that come in vases are convenient gifts that make taking care of flowers easy for the recipient. If you receive flowers in a bouquet, they are pretty for a minute, but then you need to find a vase to put them in to keep them watered. Vases are a great solution, but what do you do with your vases after the flowers have wilted?




Many people simply store their vases in a cabinet, give them back to a local florist, or take them to a donation center. However, there are many other ways you can use your vases daily and while hosting events. Here are some of the most unique uses for your flower vase:



  • Get a betta fish. These little guys don’t need much room, and a medium to large vase will work just fine. Keep a water based plant over top, and enjoy the company anywhere in your home.betta-fish-433421_Pixabay


  • Make candles. Small, cylindrical or cubed vases are perfect for candle wax. Paraffin, beeswax, and soy are popular base waxes that you can scent yourself. Making the candles is half the fun. Then you can decorate the vase and enjoy your homemade candle anywhere in the home. You can also dry out your flowers and include them around the side of the vase. You’ll get twice the enjoyment from your flower arrangement with this upcycling tip.


  • Create a small terrarium. Many succulents and cacti thrive in arid environments. Add colorful sand and rocks into your vase and pick your plants. You can create a mini desert or a unique theme for the home or office.


  • Make a decorative stand. This project is well suited for narrow vases that are used for single flower arrangements. Simply find a plate that matches your style and glue the two pieces together. To make the stand sturdier, you can add sand or rocks to the vase before gluing. You can also paint or use a sharpie to give your vase extra personality if needed.


  • 2_smallCreate lanterns. If your vase is large enough to hold a candle, attach wire and other decorations to the lip and hang your decorative lantern on a porch or in your backyard for a fun and romantic evening atmosphere. The vase will also protect the candle from being blown out by the wind.


  • Keep your makeup brushes handy and attractive. Decorate the outside of your vase or leave it plain and fill with small stones, marbles, or other filler. Stick your makeup brushes into the jar when you’re not using them. The arrangement will also help them dry faster after washing.


  • Paint from the inside out. Clean out your vase and find a couple of different colors in enamel paints to match your décor. The process is fast and easy. Pour a little paint in, swirl it around until fully coated, and then pour out the excess. You’ll have a customized glass vase you can use on its own or to hold any number of arrangements in your home year round.


  • 4_smallThis process works best with clear vases, but experimenting with some colored glass might yield interesting results. You can also try using mod podge and glitter in the same process. Paint the mod podge halfway or all the way up your vase and then pour in the glitter and turn until it’s well coated. Dump the excess out, and let it dry.


  • Keep the change. Use an old vase as a piggy bank. Tie a ribbon around the vase or write a note for what the money will be used for (a vacation or spa day) and keep it somewhere convenient so you’ll empty your pockets or change wallet into it regularly. It will be nice enough to leave out, and a great reminder to keep working towards your goals.5_small


  • Pour in some candy. Whether you’re creating a table for Halloween or just want to keep some candy on hand, a vase is a way to display the candy in an accessible way without taking up as much space as a bowl. Mix and match candies with vases for a truly extraordinary display.



  • 3_smallMake a batch of bath salts. If you regularly use Epsom salts or homemade scrub, there’s no need to keep them in an unsightly box or Tupperware. Place them in a vase by the tub with a decorative spoon, and you have a convenient and attractive bath time soak whenever you need it.

Your leftover vase is the perfect craft staple or upcycled decoration piece for any season or occasion.








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