Photography: Flowers from Behind the Lens

May 10, 2016 / Blooms Today

Besides being some of the most alluring objects of beauty the world over, flowers are also one of the most popular images which are photographed. There are many ways to capture a gorgeous bouquet of flowers or single, perfect bloom.  In the world of digital photography, the cost is minimal once you have a camera. Even a simple point-and-shoot model can produce excellence, as half the success can be measured in composition, flower subject and lighting.


The common “rule of thirds” in photography is mindfully dividing your frame into 9 squares with two vertical and two horizontal lines equidistant. The eye is naturally drawn, not to the center of a frame, but to one of the four spots where the line intersects. Thus, flowers, like all subjects, are rarely place smack in the center of the camera viewfinder. Off center creates interest in the same way a person you are photographing should bend somewhere, somehow, and not stand rigid like a sentry. Simply order the kinds and colors of flowers you like and want to try photographing from and get started with these easy tips.


  • Consider a non-cluttered, contrasting color background
  • Get close to the blossom or bouquet
  • Shoot from many different angles
  • Identify a focal point where the sharpest focus will be
  • Try different settings on a point-and-shoot camera
  • Move the flower for different lighting and backgrounds


  • Shoot indoors near a window for natural light
  • Place flower(s) outside with sun coming through them at dusk or morning sun from the side
  • Use a tripod
  • Zoom in
  • Lightly spray flower for morning dew look
  • Avoid flash as it can wash out color
  • Don’t forget leaves and stems or even dried flowers past their bloom prime
  • Take your time.


Flowers lift our spirits and evoke emotion in warm, wonderful ways. Capturing them in a photograph and matting and framing it to accent your home or office is a satisfying kind of activity. It also makes a perfect gift for someone whom you know adores a certain kind of flower. You can send a bouquet from, then follow up with a framed flower gift in colors that complement their decor. The good news is: You CAN try this at home, and you might find yourself immersed in a new hobby with great fun and rewards.

Framed-FlowersBy Joanne M. Anderson


Photo Credit:

Photographer Thomas Wolter offered the photograph of Macro under a Creative Commons License on Pixabay

Photographer Anthony offered the photograph of Dew under a Creative Commons License on Pixabay

Photographer Unsplash offered the photograph of Flowers under a Creative Commons License on Pixabay

Photographer cocoparisienne offered the photograph of Tiny Spider under a Creative Commons License on Pixabay

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