October in Pink ….. Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 4, 2017 / Blooms Today

Among the traditional autumn shades of red and scarlet, gold and yellow, pumpkin, marmalade and earthy browns are pops of pink commemorating Breast Cancer Awareness Month. From socks, sneakers and sweaters, to police cars, hats, flowers and ribbons, this most feminine of colors expresses courage, hope and strength for the tens of thousands or one in eight women who have or may experience breast cancer. Many are victorious. Many are not. The statistics bear out a grim prediction: More than 250,000 cases will be diagnosed this year in women; more than 2,400 in men.


Precious-HeartHowever, with ongoing research, early detection and awareness of the importance of having routine check-ups, there are two encouraging facts:

Incidence of breast cancer has been declining since 2000 [correlating perhaps to reduced usage of hormone replacement therapy, a once common prescription for post-menopausal women which was linked to breast cancer]

Death rates have decreased since 1989, often attributed to early detection, advanced treatment and, again, awareness.


InspirationsBloomstoday.com has a very special Breast Cancer Awareness Collection which includes exquisitely designed and hand arranged pink farm fresh flowers with a charming pink ribbon lapel pin accompanying every bouquet. Pink has always been a feminine color for its connotation of compassion, caring and understanding. Those who analyze color from a psychological standpoint reveal that pink is a sign of hope and evokes comfort and emotional warmth.



Treasure-of-Hope-and-Beauty-PinkOctober is the perfect month to bless the women in your life with fresh flowers ~ in pink. The message beyond the little handwritten card is that you care deeply. You appreciate, respect and admire women and take an interest, as well, in their health and well-being. Breast cancer cuts across all socio-economic levels and every other trait, and you can do your part to send love, encouragement and appreciation to women who may never know the ravages of the disease. Showing you care preliminarily is a powerful expression of love, the kind of love every woman needs to feel.


Among the wonderful selection of pink floral arrangements throughout October are these:


Rose-Radiance-of-Courage-in-PinkRose Radiance of Courage in Pink (24) ~ Rose blossoms transmit elegance, love and beauty, and thorns on the stems are reminders that life can be a prickly journey. In an uncomplicated arrangement of 24 buds and blooms, this all posy pink bouquet is hand-arranged with ruskus leaves reminiscent of deep green meadows. The ribbon pin will be kindly appreciated and can be proudly worn anywhere on any outfit year round. Also available in 18 and 12 roses.


Poised-and-PowerfulPoised & Powerful ~ Honoring a poised and powerful lady with this stunning bouquet is one of the best ways to show your love, emotional support and faithful friendship. The tall dove white vase or an enchanting soft pink vase connotes peace, and the roses, mini carnations, distinguished lilies and esteemed purple wax flowers with greenery deliver some of nature’s most beautiful blooms. A pretty pink ribbon pin for courage, strength and hope is included.


Treasure-of-Hope-and-BeautyTreasure of Hope & Beauty ~ Creamy white roses with petals like soft chamois are close to perfection in this treasure trove of beauty. Copious alstroemeria blossoms in varying shades of wispy pink render hope and encouragement for their delicate petals and style. The tall, white vase adds to the level of sophistication, along with a keepsake pink ribbon pin, both treasures for a long time to come.




Cherished Spirit in Living Color ~ Like a flower show in a vase, this whimsical, colorful assortment brings a cheerful focal point into any room, home or office. A tall hazy pink vase holds pink roses for love, yellow poms for sunshine, white daisies for laughter, purple statice for courage and violet daisies for hope. A keepsake pink ribbon pin contributes to the sincerity and sentiment.



And many more at bloomstoday.com or call 1-800-359-5309 today to honor a special woman, special love, special friend.


Written by Joanne M. Anderson

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