National Boss Day ~ October 16

October 10, 2017 / Blooms Today

Here’s a day to turn the tables in the workplace and honor The Boss. Supervisory jobs have many challenges and being recognized on this one day can mean a lot. Supervisors need to sort out priorities, know and capitalize on each person’s strengths, organize work hours and manage small and large crises. They can also be responsible for financial results, special projects, sales and marketing, attending meetings inside and outside the company, traveling, generating reports and dealing with legal matters in terms of compliance. Each Boss needs to be some combination of leader, listener, counselor, mediator and planner.

It’s been said that to be a supervisor you need to be okay with eating lunch alone, staying separate from those who report to you. But this is not always the case. With the right attitudes and commitment to the company, bosses and employees can enjoy a great relationship grounded in mutual respect and integrity. Bosses, especially entrepreneurs who own the company, work long hours, often after the 3 or 5 p.m. departure of the staff. They think about revenue and profit and labor costs and how to advance their services and products on many weekends and evenings. Even they occasionally think it would be nice to close the door at the end of a shift or day and close their brain until morning.


The idea for a special Boss Day was envisioned in 1958 by a State Farm Insurance employee in Illinois. She not only wanted to express appreciation for her boss and others, but also use it as a tool to improve the relationship between an employee and supervisor. The woman registered her “holiday” with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. In 1962, the governor of Illinois officially proclaimed October 16 as Boss Day, which morphed into National Boss Day or Boss’s Day or Bosses Day. If it falls on a weekend, it is celebrated on the closest work day.

So recognizing a boss on this one day a year can really lift their spirits and make them feel special in spite of their having to make tough decisions and keep people in line to achieve the company’s mission and goals. There are many ways to show appreciation for your job and understanding of The Boss’s position.

  • Bring donuts or homemade cookies
  • Send flowers from
  • Pool a little money for a gift card
  • Sign a cute greeting card
  • Buy a few of the boss’s favorite candy bars
  • Purchases pet treats for a boss’s special pet
  • Order surprise pizza for lunch
  • Have a custom gift basket assembled
  • Choose a green plant from for the office
  • Give tickets to a movie theater or entertainment
  • Write a little personal appreciation note


There are those who feel that gifts should never go “up” in a company, but always down to the ones who make lesser wages. The good news is that there is no obligation to do anything. Sometimes a smile and a sincere verbal “thank you” can carry the day. So no one employee is overwhelmed with an expense, it may be convenient to put an envelope somewhere like the break room for individuals to put in whatever they each want anonymously. Then take whatever is the total and order the best bouquet at that fits the budget.

By Joanne M. Anderson

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