Making Winter Cozy (with flowers…)

January 8, 2018 / Blooms Today

The new year is already entrenched, and winter can be the most cozy season of the year. Just the contrast of outdoor temps and inside warmth makes stepping indoors a joyful moment. Appealing to the senses in your home and workplace can be accomplished with some easy accessories.

Sight, smell and touch are always delivered in living color with fresh flowers from One of the first winter cozy moves is to bring brilliant fresh floral blooms to your living spaces and send to your loved ones. The visual reward is superior. Fragrance lends warmth. And it’s hard to resist reaching out to feel the velvety smooth sensation of a rose petal, carnation, daisy or any flower blossom.


Flowers-by-the-bedOther ideas that appeal to sight, smell, touch and hearing include:

  • furniture tighter and closer to a focal point like a fireplace or coffee table for cozy conversation or quiet solitude
  • plush throws like sheepskin and chenille
  • bright, bold colors and patterns
  • faux fur pillows



  • large mirrors for maximum reflection to brighten rooms
  • layered quilts and linens for texture and warmth
  • woven baskets with mittens, socks, slippers
  • thick rugs on top of carpet
  • piles of books to pick up and leaf through, read or read again
  • knitting or learn to knit
  • magazines from the library
  • candles in clusters and varied heights
  • basket with hot chocolate, latte, teabags



  • purple-flowersglass jars with mini and large marshmallows
  • wood box of slippers and bulky socks
  • mini-light string for festive touch anywhere
  • silver and white dishes with evergreen and twigs
  • music, always music in the background, soft jazz, classical, instrumental or Broadway hits and country cool
  • eclectic oversized mugs
  • tabletop confetti in snowflakes or winter design

Taste is a vital part of everyday life, and winter is the perfect time to cozy up the house baking bread or cooking in a slow cooker. When you factor in a bubble bath, complete with candles, music and fresh flowers on the edge of the tub or shelf nearby, you’ll have an amazingly cozy winter all season long.

By Joanne M. Anderson

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