January – The Door to the Year

January 18, 2017 / Blooms Today

The word January comes from the Latin word for “door.” ┬áThere is something fresh and energizing about a new year, and anyone can sort of “begin again” any time in January. It’s also the designated month for positive awareness causes like:

National Eye Care Month
National Mentoring Month
Dental Awareness Month
International Creativity Month
Weight Loss Awareness Month


SweetheartsConsider not only consistent care for your eyes and teeth, but perhaps 2017 is the year you take someone under your wing at work, in the neighborhood or at church. If you admire someone and recognize you could use a little guidance, ask to be mentored, perhaps just over coffee once a month, sharing your challenges and dreams and being accountable outside yourself. If weight loss is already on your resolution list, overlook your stumbles and move on toward your goal. The year is young yet.


Perfect-ImpressionsThe January flower is the ubiquitous carnation, loved and adored for its crinkled petals, long-lasting blooms, and lovely appearance. They complement any other flower or stand alone beautifully in a bouquet. Mini carnations come in spray stems with many small blossoms, and large carnations look exquisite anywhere. Making a carnation with a tissue or tissue paper and a bobby pin has long been a youngster’s delight. One very cool note about carnations is that they not only connote love and admiration, but also are available year round at bloomstoday.com in a variety of awesome floral arrangements.

The food days in January are abundant, and while National Cream Puff Day (Jan. 2) has passed, there are many yet to come. They all begin with “National”, so we’ll just cut to the basics on a few of them:

      • Fig Newton Day, Jan. 16
      • Popcorn Day, Jan. 19
      • Granola Bar Day, Jan. 21
      • Blonde Brownie Day, Jan. 22
      • Pie Day, January 23
      • Peanut Butter Day, Jan. 24
      • Irish Coffee Day, Jan. 25
      • Blueberry Pancake Day, Jan. 28
      • Croissant Day, Jan. 30

Stunning-RedGarnet is the birthstone, and what a great idea to send a birthday bouquet from bloomstoday.com to someone with deep red garnet-colored flowers in it. The bloomstoday.com “Thoughts of You” floral arrangement boasts large carnations while the “Vibrant Garden Combo” has charming mini carnations tucked in a colorful assortment. Every month is a flower month, and starting in January perusing the bloomstoday.com website and its plethora of long lasting fresh flowers for every occasion — or no occasion at all — is one good way to step through the door to the new year.
By Joanne M. Anderson

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