How to Choose the Right Flower for Her

July 1, 2014 / Blooms Today

Women often enjoy receiving the gift of flowers. Whether they’re for a special occasion or “just because,” flowers often have the power to bring joy and gratification. Women especially will feel extraordinary and appreciated for a bouquet that has been carefully chosen to suit her personality and likes. Showing affection for a special lady by giving her flowers is an age-old tradition. If you are new to it, try not to feel as though it is an overwhelming task. Chances are she’ll love them no matter what. However, it doesn’t hurt to learn some pointers. Finding just the right kind of flowers for her can be easily achievable by following some simple steps.

What Is Her Favorite Flower?

The best way to choose flowers us by finding out what her likes and dislikes are. A lady will appreciate a bouquet of her favorite flowers because it is personalized and shows that you took that extra step to make sure she got what she likes. However, it’s not always easy to find out exactly which flowers she prefers. If you aren’t sure what her favorite flowers are, try asking her friends and family, or see if there is a type of flower jewelry or trinket she keeps. For more ways to find out her favorite flower without spoiling the surprise, check out our blog on creative ways to discover her favorite flower.

attractive-19161_1280What Is Her Favorite Color?

What colors does she like to wear? Does she have a color theme in her car, bedroom, or house? Does she typically prefer very bright colors or does she usually go for more subtle hues? These are some of the questions you can ask yourself when picking out flowers to add to her gift. Once you have a good idea of her favorite colors, talk to a florist or look online to see what popular flowers are available in those hues. If you are still not sure, go with a bouquet that has a mixed color theme.

What Flowers to Bring on a First Date.

Guys generally shy away from a full bouquet of roses on first dates because of their perceived significance and value. Roses have a reputation for being fairly expensive and signifying love and passion. If you are still learning about the person you are dating, a bouquet of in-season flowers can be a great choice. We suggest requesting a garden mix, which usually is a bouquet full of the freshest flowers of the season. Another idea is to give her tulips or daisies. They are pretty and delicate and offer a token of appreciation perfect for the first time out together.

Choosing “I’m Sorry” Flowers.

Flowers have different meanings. A great source to find out which flowers have different meanings is with our Flower Guide. If you need to tell her you’re sorry, try sending Lilies, Orchids, Chrysanthemums, or daffodils. Make sure you include your apology in a note and perhaps even explain what the flowers in the bouquet mean. Paying attention to the colors of the flowers is also important. The color yellow could mean jealousy and purple is majestic glory. Whereas pink means poetic romance and white means sincerity.

Are There Specific Anniversary Flowers?

Anniversaries are important. It represents an investment of time and it is often celebrated depending on the number of years. Flowers are a joyous way to celebrate an anniversary and many anniversaries have a designated flower as explained in our Anniversary Pairings Guide. Giving her a bouquet that has one type of bloom matching the number of years together will surly be a great start to the celebration.

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