Happiness Happens Month is Here ~ in August!

August 10, 2017 / Blooms Today

From the first cry of a newborn baby to job satisfaction, joyful family events, good health or recovery, a fun movie or receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers from bloomstoday.com, happiness happens. August is Happiness Happens Month, and the idea is to recognize happiness in one’s life. It can be a general happiness with your social network, family relationships, volunteering, living situation, pets, work, hobbies or a host of things. Or it can be but a special, happy incident, as the Italian poet and author has quipped: “We do not remember days. We remember moments.”


Vibrant-GardenThe Secret Society of Happy People (SOHP), founded nearly 20 years ago by leadership and motivation consultant Pamela Gail Johnson, is not so secret. “For almost 20 years, I’ve inspired thousands of people to celebrate happiness through the SOHP website, newsletter, blog and speaking,” she relates. “The society hosts the annual Happiness Happens Month in August and Hunt for Happiness Week in January and has been featured in People magazine and covered by the Associated Press and CNN. You can become an Amused Member (free) and get your 31 Types of Happiness poster at www.sohp.com. Credit the society as well with have expanded its Admit You’re Happy Day to an entire month.


Pure-HappinessThe main objective of this August designation is to encourage people to evaluate life’s joys and think on things which create happiness for them and others. It’s well-documented that beautiful, all natural, colorful flowers convey happiness on every emotional level. Color is a vibrant source of happiness in everything from our clothes and homes to cars, decorative accents and fresh flowers. The temporary nature of flowers even drives home the point that life can be fleeting, so make happiness for yourself and those around you often.


Florist-ChoiceOther happiness kinds of gestures may include:

  • Sending a handwritten note of gratitude by snail mail
  • Taking fresh blossoms from bloomstoday.com to a nursing home
  • Giving a gift card for no reason at all
  • Preparing dinner for a working family
  • Sending bloomstoday.com fresh flowers
  • Baking bread or homemade cookies to deliver
  • Getting a massage for yourself
  • Volunteering anywhere


What brings you happiness should be embraced and shared every day, not only in August. But being Happiness Happens Month might just inspire you to seek happiness and spread the joy all year long.


By Joanne M. Anderson

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