A Guide to Mother’s Day Flowers

June 6, 2014 / Blooms Today

Sending a mom daily thoughts of love and gratitude is fantastic, however, Mother’s Day is the day where people across the globe can collectively focus on recognizing, honoring, and supporting their mother’s. This is the day where son’s, daughter’s, husband’s, friend’s, and even co-workers can spoil the exceptional mothers in their lives. Children look forward to Mother’s Day as their special time to celebrate love and thanks. An accustomed and enthusiastic way to give thanks and recognize a mother on Mother’s Day is by sending flowers. Every year, millions of people order Mother’s Day flowers in honor of their mom’s and to give thanks for their unconditional love and support.

Just like a mom, flowers have the power to make you smile and provides feelings of comfort. When it comes time to choose your mother’s day bouquet, take some time and put some thought into it, she deserves it. Pick out a bouquet design that reminds you of her.  Would it be bright and cheery? Classy and traditional? Soft and delicate? Sophisticated? Earthy? Choose flowers that reflect your feelings for her. Do you want to tell her, “Thank you” or “I love you”? Do you do you want to remind her of the a time when you were small and she was your whole world? Do you want to let her know she is your best friend? Below you will find some helpful tips and combinations on what to choose to send your mom this year.


Ultimate Elegance RosesIf your mom is a classy lady with a striking personality, roses are a great choice for her Mother’s Day gift. Like this special lady, red roses are beautiful and really stand out amongst other flowers. Send pink or lavender roses to let her know she’s still your best friend, or orange to let her know you are thinking of her.





Vibrant GardenTry arranging a bright and cheery bouquet of mixed Carnations. These flowers come in such a grande variety, you are sure to find something in her favorite color.  Or mix the colors up for a true celebration. Tell you mom “thanks” on this day by adding other vibrant flowers such as lilies or roses.






Perfect DayLilies have a longer life span than most floral arrangements giving your mom more time to enjoy her lovely gift. Their blooming stars’ are soft and delicate and are a perfect way to tell your mom how sweet she is. Choose from an assortment of colors, sizes, and shapes and add it to a ceramic vase for the final touch.





Sunlit MeadowsIf you know a special mother who has a happy spirit and lights up any room she walks into, Sunflowers are a great gift this Mother’s Day.  Add these giant rays of sun to a bouquet with other vibrant flowers such as carnations or roses and add it to a table for brunch or other Mother’s Day gathering.






Blooming VisionsRenowned for their simplicity and elegance, daisies are a perfect way to convey your mother’s importance to your life. The delicate features of a daisy are almost childlike and can playfully represent youthful memories with your mom.






Sunlit Treasures

Give your mom a bouquet of thanks and let her know how much  you appreciate her strength and guidance. Irises are popular for their deep midnight colors and sophisticated look. Set them in a bouquet with bright roses or send them in isolated bunches and you will surly make her day.






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