Gardening Tools You Must Have

February 20, 2015 / Blooms Today

There are several gardening gadgets on the market that promise to make your life easier, but do they all deliver on their promises? Some do, and some aren’t worth the money. Having tools that make gardening easier can be a lifesaver for your back and for keeping up with weeding, planting, and watering all season long.

Here are some of the must have tools to make your life easier next time you head out to dig in the dirt.



The Staples

gardening-tools-350087Trowel and Cultivator. Perfect for planting babies and weeding, these tools should always be kept handy. Choose sturdy tools with easy grips that won’t wear out your wrists. Some even feature grips at a right angle so you don’t have to bend your wrist in harmful ways while digging or aerating.

Gloves. A pair of well-fitting gloves is well worth the money. Gloves protect your hands from dirt and blisters, and a fitted pair won’t hamper your movements. Look for a snug fit, good grips, and a Velcro closure near the wrist to keep out insects and errant dirt. gardening-gloves-363494_1920

Pruning shears. If you’re planning to do weeding, pruning, and maintenance, you’ll definitely need a quality pair of shears. Don’t struggle with bargain shears, and instead, find a sturdy, sharp pair. Some companies offer lifetime warranties and will sharpen your blades for you if they become dull. Those features make paying a little extra worth your while.

Full sized shovel. A well-built shovel will last a lifetime, so go ahead and invest in one that is easy for you to handle. A straight handle will serve your purposes, but an angled or circular handle may give you better leverage against tough ground.

computing-201109_1920Rake. A rake is handy for so much more than cleaning up fall leaves. You can use one to pull pruned branches out of the back of a garden bed, or to smooth out cultivated land for planting.

Watering can. Watering cans are important if you have deck plants or plants in places your hose won’t reach. These are also vital for mixing and distributing fertilizers to hungry plants throughout the growing season.

sprinkler-87343_1920Hose and sprinkler head. During hot summer months, a hose is a must have to keep your plants happy and healthy. There are several different hoses on the market that may suit your needs. If you anticipate having to drag your hose across a variety of different landscapes, choose a sturdy professional model. Otherwise, a self-coiling hose or a self-retracting hose may suit your purposes. A sprinkler is a great time saver, and most are very affordable. New versions sometimes come with shutoff timers so you won’t drown your plants.

Comfort Tools

Kneepads or a knee saver. These helpful frames feature padding on both sides. If you flip it one way, you can kneel down on the foam with the assistance of the legs. The other side allows you to sit up off the ground while working. Your knees and your back will thank you for the rest.

A cobrahead or a hand weeder. The first is a handheld tool that looks like a steel snake’s tongue and arches back like a cobra head ready to strike. Gardeners love it because it helps remove stubborn weeds and tap roots. A hand weeder allows you to stand up while doing this painstaking chore. Several blades reach down into the soil to grab the weed and then release it once out of the ground.

Self-watering flower/herb container. These easy gardening containers provide the right amount of water to your plants, encouraging proper draining. Some are available on stands so picking herbs for dinner can be a matter of stepping outside and grabbing a handful. Some also feature a water level monitor to let you know when your miniature garden needs water.

Hedge trimmer. If you have boxwoods or other hedges, a hedge trimmer will make your life much easier. Use the tool to create neat lines or rounded edges to immediately improve your landscape.

Loppers. Sometimes your garden shears just won’t cut it. Loppers are great for cutting through the tough stuff, and can give you a great workout, too! Use them on overhanging limbs and tree pruning jobs to keep your garden looking top notch.

With these gardening tools in your toolbox, you’ll be able to handle any task nature throws at you. After the fun planting time in spring is over, even weeding and watering won’t be a chore with great tools to aid you in your endeavors.


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