Flowers in Jewelry

December 4, 2017 / Blooms Today

Flowers may well be one of Mother Nature’s most inspirational elements for the art world, along with sunsets, landscapes, birds and wildlife. Among the most creative pieces of jewelry are those with flower themes. From dried petals and pressed flowers to flower shapes and floral components, the attraction of jewelry as a gift can be enhanced with flowers. Some buyers will choose their birth month flower, their favorite flower or something in a particular color.


Flower jewelry makes a great gift for many reasons ~ because jewelry:

  • Rose-Necklacecan be an investment as precious and semi-precious gemstones and minerals can appreciate in value
  • creates a memory as the recipient usually remembers the giver for a long time
  • comes in styles which are affordable to every budget on the planet
  • never goes out of style
  • can be personalized with names, letters and messages


  • lasts a long time, often being treasured and handed down for generations
  • is easy to have with you, like a ring, as a sentimental reminder 24/7
  • can be the perfect part of an outfit, without which something is missing
  • works well for men and women
  • comes in millions of choices in style, color, metal, stones, etc.



One especially talented artist is silversmith and certified gemologist, Jeni Benos of She is known nationally for her Pistol Petals. In a unique, patented design, Jeni crafts pendants, earrings and bracelets from bullet casings. These are perfect for the country lady, and Jeni offers an equally impressive wildlife line in brilliant sterling silver pieces of little scenes with tiny flowers.


Possibly the best way to raise the bar on a jewelry gift is to accompany it with fresh flowers from You can select the floral bouquet which complements or contrasts with the jewelry. Adding chocolate and champagne could be over the top, but that depends on your overall goals and objectives with the jewelry gift. Everyone can find jewelry that is affordable, and fresh flowers also in a wide range of prices and sizes, something for everyone.



Written by Joanne M. Anderson

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