Flowers, Fun and Fireworks

June 27, 2017 / Blooms Today

The American 4th of July is a holiday like no other, and although a 3-day weekend is the norm, it is always celebrated on the fourth day in July. There are outward expressions of patriotism in flag waving and parades and inward thankfulness for the freedoms we enjoy. Community bands belt out all-American music, and families and friends gather in small towns and big cities to celebrate freedom. Flags line streets on posts and hang from overpasses while BBQ grills are fired up, and Americans celebrate independence from sea to shining sea.




US-NavyThere are many ways to enhance a fresh flower bouquet if you are partial to all white or red and white flowers. Since there are not as many blue flowers as red and white, consider using a blue vase, blue or patriotic ribbons, small flags and patriotic confetti on the table around the vase. Pluck a few fresh blossoms from your own bouquet to take along if you’ve been invited to someone’s home or beach house. Among the sweetest red, white and blue arrangements are:






UnityThe fun part of the holiday is almost all outdoors — parades, camping, hiking, boating, beach activities, cookouts, parties, community events, games and always fireworks! The night sky is flashed bright with star-spangled displays of fireworks. The main objectives of fireworks are big boom noises, spectacular light, smoke and floating materials with red, blue and white or silver dominating this celebration. A grand finale fires off a multitude of fireworks in rapid succession usually accompanied by the biggest booms. It’s exciting and beautiful and creates totally stunning sky splendor. It is hard to surpass that for beauty until you realize that fireworks are man-made and flowers are all natural. You need them both to create a memorable 4th of July. Flowers, fun and fireworks. Be safe.

By Joanne M. Anderson

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