Flower Textures a Delight to Touch and See

November 1, 2017 / Blooms Today

The whole concept of texture deals with surface characteristics not only in terms of touch, but also visual attributes that transmit texture traits like soft, ridged, velvety, bumpy, swirled, rubbery, nubby and much more. The word comes from Latin “textura” meaning “web, texture, structure” descended from the root “texera” meaning “to weave”.

Texture the noun is a “tactile quality of the surface of an object – how it feels if touched.” It’s an interesting sense, the sense of touch, but texture plays strongly in the visual world as well.


African-Violet-LeafYou can touch the velvety leaf of an African violet or the ultra silky petal of a rose for the joy of feeling something so natural and so soft. But you can also look at those and have the soft sensation visually. The textures of flowers are as wide-ranging as their colors, shapes, heights and design. And every one of them is a delight to the senses of touch and sight.


Rose-PetalIn floral design, most bouquets blend a variety of textures for interest and artistic appeal. The floral professionals at bloomstoday.com take seriously their work in assembling a complementary blend of petal and blossom textures as well as colors and styles. Examples of artfully arranged fresh flowers to capitalize on multiple textures are:


Daisy-PetalClassic All White with Cross Ornament – This monochromatic display has a variety of textures that take center stage, since the color is all one. Smooth lily petals contrast comfortably with spider mums, mini carnations and snow white roses – a perfectly selected collection of white textures. The cross ornament begs to be opened and stroked for its smooth creamy and pewter beaded textures, too.

Floral-TextureFun in the Sun – Here the smooth textures of rose petals mingles with elongated sunflower petals and their dark brown nubby centers, liatrice’s delicate texture and ultra smooth ruskus leaves.

Pure Happiness with Mosaic Vase – The generous variety of flower blossom textures provides great joy for the touch and a wonderful complement to this interesting mosaic vase.


Carnation-PetalsPink Pearls with a Pink Vase – Another mostly monochromatic array with creamy fresh roses tucked in. Peruvian lilies have a gentle, tender texture to match the luxurious feel of rose petals. The matte glass vase evokes a light sandy texture in its delightful pale mauve hue.

The sense of touch is one of pleasure in how things feel, especially flower petals. Running a daisy petal between two fingers is smooth. Stroking a crinkled carnation flower or a multi-color iris petal soothes the spirit and brings joy from the fingertips to the heart, expressed with a smile and half-closed eyes. Texture is a wonderful quality in our world, especially when it comes to us or we send it to someone in gorgeous, fresh flowers from bloomstoday.com.

Written by Joanne M. Anderson

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