Flower and Garden Activities for Kids

March 30, 2015 / Blooms Today

The garden can be a great place to get your kids outdoors and help them learn about plants and how to work with their hands. One of the most fun features of a garden for kids is the flowering plants. These pretty spectacles offer a wide variety of gardening and crafting options so your kids can happily turn off the TV and get their hands a little flowery.





Child-in-GardenWhen many think of gardening, their minds generally gravitate toward adults with their pruners and gardening pants but this doesn’t have to be the case. There are many kid-friendly tasks to perform in the garden that allow children to get involved.

By sectioning off a portion of your garden and allowing your child to select what they would like to grow in their designated plot, kids of all ages can become active participants in the health of the garden. Assist them in planting seeds, then guide them in watering and child-safe trimming practices to ensure that they see what they can truly accomplish in their area.

If you’d prefer to have them participate in your main garden, try assigning them simple tasks, like removing unwanted plants while wearing gloves, picking flowers to bring inside, or selecting which fruits and vegetables are best to bring into the house. They can also help in the growing process, by watering or turning the soil and making sure the plants are safe and sturdy.

Bouquet Arranging

A great indoor activity for kids is arranging their own bouquets. Given the opportunity, children can create fun and interesting arrangements utilizing flowers from the garden and string. Show them how to adjust the stems to make the flowers vary in height, and how to group or separate colors for the best effect. They’ll love being a part of the arrangements, and might even come up with some lovely decorations you can put in a vase or dry for display.

Jewelry MakingDandelions

The oft-mentioned daisy chain is a great example of how kids can turn plants into jewelry. By selecting dandelions, daisies, or other hollow-stemmed flowers, making a cut near the bottom of the stem with the fingernail, and stringing them together with a series of loops, your child can make beautiful jewelry. The length of the chain and amount of flowers used can change the flowers from a bracelet to a necklace and even to a crown or headband. Once the flowers are stringed tightly together, it can be fun to add a little flair with some twigs, small multicolored flowers, or even grass and leaves.

Making Pets

Many fun creatures can be made from flowers and leaves. For example, by taking four large leaves and stringing them together, then adding petals to their backs with glue and a stick for the center body, a child can make a lovely leaf butterfly. Or turn your average sunflowers into sunflower men and women by placing decorated leaves on the center of the bloom to make a multitude of facial expressions.

Fairy Houses

Fairy houses are basically structures made of twigs or hollowed out gourdes that can be decorated to make even the most discerning fairy feel at home! Have your child weave thin twigs together to create the base, tie together some thicker twigs with twine for the roof and walls, and weave in flowers and leaves to decorate the house to their liking.

A hollow gourd can often serve as a great alternative to a twig structure for younger children, allowing them to skip the carpentry and move straight into decorating. Providing glitter, sprinkles, and adhesive can help take your child’s fairy house to the next level, allowing them to truly stretch their imaginations.

Pressed and Dried Flowers

By showing your child how to press or dry a flower or arrangement they’ve made, they will be able to cherish it for years to come. If your child has a favorite book, tell them to pick out the prettiest flower they can find and have them press it between the pages. Then, next time you read to them they will rediscover their transformed flower and can store it away or glue it into a scrapbook.

Children naturally love the great outdoors, so once you get them into the sunshine and show them some of the fun things they can do with the world around them, they’re sure to grow into little garden enthusiasts before you know it.


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