What Makes a Skilled Florist?

July 25, 2014 / Blooms Today

Those who are unfamiliar with the skills florists need to create beautiful flower arrangements may believe it’s as easy as tossing flowers together, putting them in a vase, and setting them out for display. The truth is, florists have a very particular skill-set when it comes to flower arranging.  This includes having a sharp eye for colors and designs in order to create bouquets perfect for the season, occasion, or individual. This also includes the vast knowledge of caring for flowers and plants, where they come from, how to handle them, and what they need to stay fresh and beautiful.

Florists have a sharp eye for color and design

When a florist sets out to create a custom arrangement, he or she must know which colors will complement each other and what size and shape of a bloom works best within a set. This is why good florists are sometimes called floral designers because they have as many skills as a fashion designer and will typically put in just as much time and effort into their craft.

Some florists have a natural talent for creating great arrangements and can rely solely on instinct to make beautiful, unique bouquets for any occasion. Other florists might need to work a little harder in order to learn about different flowers, different color patterns, and how best to combine them in order to provide customers with the best options.

Florists know their art inside and out

daisies-276112_260x260One of the fascinating techniques of a florist is their ability to substitute and swap flowers around so perfectly that it might even seem like a bouquet grew that way.  If someone orders a specific arrangement, but the florist is out of a particular flower within that bouquet, he or she can usually find the perfect substitute to fill that spot in the arrangement.  In order to provide a customer with a quick solution, it is necessary to know which flowers are similar to others and whether or not their scents will clash.

Florists know which flowers are in season at all times. They can easily identify and inform customers which flowers will be the freshest and most beautiful during the different times of the year and why one kind of flower may be more expensive than another during that time. Customers can rely on their expertise to not only provide them with the perfect arrangement, but also one that is most cost effective.


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