Your Own Home Hotel Room: Preparing for Father’s Day Guests

June 13, 2017 / Blooms Today

It’s summertime and those lazy hazy days that call for ice cream, fresh lemonade and backyard BBQs also bring overnight guests. Maybe Dad is coming for Father’s Day, or perhaps a high school chum is passing through, or a family who moved away is back for a visit, or even a business colleague you know well enough to offer accommodations. Whoever it is, you can easily prepare a charming guest room that will rival your local hotels and B&Bs and embrace a wow factor for your visiting friends.


Vibrant-GardenComfort is king, and if your mattress happens to be old, invest in a good 1-inch thick memory foam topper. Though many hotels and B&Bs do it, it never makes sense to have a sheet and a comforter — one being not quite enough and the other way too warm. Have a nice lightweight blanket between the sheet and quilt or bedspread plus an extra blanket folded long ways along the end of the bed, which provides both blanket option and style statement.


Pure-HappinessReading lamps bedside with 100-watt equivalent light bulbs are the best for reading guests, along with magazines, local brochures and perhaps a couple favorite paperbacks. Remove clutter from dresser tops and include fresh flowers from in the bedroom and in the bathroom. For convenience and comfort, have some or all of these things available:



  • plastic or wood and skirt/pants hangers in the closet
  • fresh clean bathrobes
  • basket of snacks
  • clean glasses on a tray or bottled water
  • dish(es) on dresser for pocket change and jewelry
  • linens in white or light colors
  • extra pillows (many people sleep with pillow under knees for back relief)
  • box of tissues
  • nightlight and/or motion light
  • lined wastebasket
  • extension cord or easy access to outlet (for cell phone and devices)
  • basket of small amenities like toothpaste, new toothbrush, etc.
  • hair dryer
  • fresh flowers!

European-GardenSpend extra time cleaning. Pull out nightstands and dressers, vacuum behind and under them and dust all vertical surfaces as well. Place a couple toss pillows on the bed in front of two slanted or stacked pillows per person. Ironing the pillowcases makes a big splash, as does those fresh flowers.

Colorful petals and brilliant blooms draw the eye instantly, pretty up any room in a major way, and the thoughtfulness does not go unnoticed. Yeah, even Dad and the guys are favorably impressed with fresh flowers. And if Dad is your honored guest, you can customize the treats and magazines, including his favorites.

Thoughts-Of-YouFive super eye-catching bouquets for guest rooms with enough to take a few stems away for a sweet little bathroom vase are:

  • Vibrant Garden Bouquet
  • Pure Happiness
  • European Garden
  • Thoughts of You
  • Spirit of Sunshine


By Joanne M. Anderson

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