Fall Flower Show in a Vase

September 20, 2017 / Blooms Today

The colors of the harvest season are some of nature’s most beautiful for their depth and richness. They are found in the falling leaves as well as in myriad gemstones and fresh flowers. Consider the brilliant, crimson reds of rubies and garnets, exciting oranges of coral, fire opal and agate, along with lovely yellows in citrine and yellow diamonds. Tiger’s eye embodies the variety of golden browns and sparkling cinnamon. Though not really a gemstone but fossilized resin, amber is popular in jewelry for its beautiful shades of gold and yellow. Sapphires and topaz can be found in harvest colors, but by far, the most brilliant of Mother Nature’s expression of autumn is in fresh flowers.

Fall Rose


As the pastels and bright hues of summer fade into the brilliant colors of autumn, people pull out their light sweaters, cozy quilts, warm socks and hot chocolate mugs. Wardrobes feature more orange, gold, dusty browns and burgundy than other times of year. It’s a glorious season of harvest and home, football and fun, family and thanksgiving, even homework and school events. Cool mornings and turning leaves herald the oncoming winter, but Ol’ Man Winter is weeks away, and people across the country are falling in love ~ once again ~ with fall flowers.


The Bloomstoday.com Fall Collection is filled with exuberant blazes of color that create a fall flower show in a vase. Bouquets are abundant that energize any room, home or office and spread the whole harvest theme through Mother Nature’s warm, jewel-toned colors. Among the best, freshest, longest-lasting blooms to seek out in your bouquet selection are these:


Fall SunflowerSunflowers — Captured on canvas by world-famous artists like Monet and Van Gogh, these large happy blooms are like an American icon of the fall season.

Daisies — Loved by one and all and painted also by many artist masters, these whimsical flowers come in white and yellow and are mimicked even by poms and akin to black-eyed Susans in structure and style.


Roses — Not to be left out of the autumn spectrum, roses are available in classic red as well as creamy hues, shades of yellow and soft gentle oranges. They add a majestic level of sophistication to any bouquet.


Fall Colored FlowersChrysanthemums — Fall wouldn’t be fall without the enduring presence of mums in vibrant colors. There are small blooms on a single stem in a spray variety, large spiky spider mums and compact blossoms that evoke autumn in a hearty way.

Alstromeria — Peruvian lilies display with their very own artistic license in every multi-color petal. Delightfully designed by Mother Nature herself in exciting fall colors, these flowers come with their own long green leaves and fill spaces exuberantly.


Fall PomponsCarnations — A flower for all seasons, the blossoms are prolific in the Fall Collection for being readily available in large and small, yellow and orange, red and white, the perfect, long-lasting complement in any floral arrangement.

The gorgeous warmth and richness of autumn colors permeate our homes and lives this time of year, and what better way to add these shades of fall than in fresh, long-lasting flowers, often delivered same day. Remember friends, elderly, teachers, co-workers, relatives and even EMS offices with a fall flower show in a vase, a fresh bouquet of thankfulness and affection from the Fall Collection at Bloomstoday.com 1-800-359-5309.


By Joanne M. Anderson

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