Employee Appreciation Day ~ Friday, March 2

February 26, 2018 / Blooms Today

It’s widely known that people go to work to make money to support themselves and their families. But, if the paycheck is not supplemented with appreciation, opportunities for advancement, interesting work and/or a comfortable environment, the wages may not be enough to retain good talent.

Turnover in staffing is often much more costly in terms of time, expense and training than rewarding employees with raises, as well as perks like fresh flowers on special occasions — or any time. Some studies suggest it costs a minimum of 16% of the annual salary to replace someone, and employee turnover can have a big and not-so-desirable impact on morale and productivity of other workers.

Sapphire-SkiesEmployee Appreciation Day falls on Friday, March 2, this year. It is one of those times for expressing appreciation, and fresh flowers are one nearly perfect way to show that you appreciate your staff. The day kicked off in 1995 by the Recognition Professionals International. According to its website, www.recognition.org, RPI “brings awareness, credibility and accountability to employee recognition through best practices, tools, strategies, thought leadership, education and professional certification.”

Classic-Peace-LilySo, it’s not a very big leap to understand the value of a bouquet of fresh, long-lasting flowers in the mind of an employee and to the employer. Since Employee Appreciation Day is on Friday this year, supervisors, bosses and business owners have the opportunity to send appreciation flowers on Wednesday or Thursday. Employees can then take flowers to enjoy at home and share with family and friends that they have been appreciated at work.

To stand out from the crowd on the flower front, consider floral arrangements which show thoughtfulness and creativity, like these:

  • Red-TulipsSapphire Skies Bouquet – luscious white and blue blossoms in a cobalt blue cube vase
  • Classic Peace Lily Plant – perfect for any workspace, low maintenance and good for the indoor environment
  • Radiantly Red Tulips – not much says spring like tulips and no one expects them in a glass vase with a red ribbon and bow
  • Pure Happiness Thank You Special – pairs a Thank You Mylar balloon creatively tucked in with multiple pastel blossoms
  • Cheerful Greetings Bear Hug – Among sunny yellows and bold reds comes a little teddy bear to adorn a cubicle or work space and appreciation lives on
  • Delightful Sunshine Thank You Special – white of clouds and yellow of sunshine with a Mylar Thank You balloon is too cute for words
  • Classic Dish Garden – can live on a desk for years in its woven white basket and little collection of green plants

Fresh flowers and green plants give every employee the feeling of being valued in the corporate culture and appreciated for his or her contribution to the entire workplace. There is simply nothing as natural, beautiful, fragrant or thoughtful for this year’s Employee Appreciation Day.

By Joanne M. Anderson

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