Easy Daisy Bouquet: Creating a Simple Daisy Display

May 19, 2016 / Blooms Today

Daisies make lovely arrangements with their bright colors and small, overlapping petals. They are also very forgiving flowers for anyone who wants to try his or her hand at creating a lovely spring or summer bouquet. With many different types of daisies to choose from and a range of supportive greenery and small flowers, you can make any flower bouquet look great.




Choosing Your Flowers

Color-Your-Day-With-HappinessYour daisies, of course, will have a starring role in your bouquet design. You probably have a daisy in mind, but do you know how to ask for it at the flower shop?

Gerbera daisies are some of the most common floral design daisies. They are chosen for their beautiful symmetry, bright colors, and easygoing nature. Oxeye daisies are common garden variety daisies, and generally take a supporting role in arrangements. Beautiful in a wildflower arrangement, they may not be the best choice for your daisy bouquet. Painted daisies can be solid or variegated, and they provide bright beauty to bouquets. Shasta daisies are white, smaller varieties that work well in bouquets that focus on whites and yellows.

Small roses, baby’s breath, and other tiny flowers work well in bouquets. Try adding a few different varieties together until you get the look and color combination that works for you. You can also keep it simple with only daisies in your bouquet and still reach a stunning effect.

Make sure all of the blooms you choose have longer stems. Later, you can choose to crop your bouquet size or leave the green stems showing with a ribbon wrap. Daisies can be as dressed up or casual as you want them to be, so have fun with the arrangement.

Preparing Your Daisies

Dash-of-DaisySoak the flowers in preservative prior to starting on your bouquet. This will ensure they stay fresh for as long as possible. Sort the flowers by type and color to make sure that you don’t end up putting two colors close together when you start arranging the bouquet. If all your daisies are one color, separate the different sizes.

Pull off any wilted or dead leaves and petals, and remember to keep any stem cuts angled to provide the best water absorption to the flowers. It’s also a good idea to only cut your daisy stems while they are submerged in a bucket or bowl. Next, gather your tools. You will need florists tape, sharp scissors, and ribbon for decorating.

Arranging Your Bouquet

All-For-YouNow that you have your colors chosen and flowers are prepared, it’s time to start gathering the daisies into your bouquet. Start with the largest and most vibrant flower you have. You will want to arrange your bouquet one flower at a time, so try to be patient with the process. Start by adding 4 flowers in a circle around the central flower.

The easiest bouquet to arrange is a classic hand-tied bouquet. When finished, the flowers will be in a rounded configuration. Angle your secondary flowers to face slightly away from the central flower and to sit at a lower level. Use one hand to secure the position. Working one bloom at a time, rotate the bouquet and angle each stem at a lower level to give your bouquet the proper shape. Keep moving the bouquet in the same direction to keep the flowers in the right order. Add any supporting flowers in at regular intervals to keep the look of the bouquet balanced. At the bottom, the stems will spiral out slightly. Look at your flower arrangement for any minor adjustments before pulling out the tape.

Sunny-SentimentsSecure your daisy bouquet at the point where the stems come together below the blooms. For added security, also tape roughly 2-3 inches above the end of the stems. Cut the stems in water again so that all are one length. Grab a length of ribbon that is roughly 3 times as long as the length of your stems. After taping it near the top, wind the ribbon down in a spiral pattern to secure your bouquet. For a more rustic look, you could use burlap ribbon tied in the central part of your stems, covering up the florist tape, and leaving the tips of the stems exposed.

If your bouquet is for a vase rather than handheld, simply forego the second piece of tape and insert your bouquet into a vase. Daisies look beautiful in mason jars and in simple vases. Their innocent charm is perfect for bridal bouquets, birthdays, congratulations, and flower girl bouquets. Symbolically, daisies represent innocence, love, and youth, so have fun making with your daisy bouquet, and use it as a beautiful accompaniment for any occasion.

Photo Credit: Photographer duckman Yoon offered the photograph of Daisy Flowers under a Creative Commons License on Pixabay

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