Easter Flowers: Lilies, Tulips, and More

March 22, 2016 / Blooms Today

Easter coincides with spring which welcomes new life from the ground up as spring flowers, blades of grass and other growth pokes up into our world. Trees leaf out, while animals give birth, with bunnies in abundance, and many rejoice in longer, warmer days. A pagan festival of Eastre, the goddess of fertility, celebrated spring, and the Christian observance of Jesus Christ having risen from the grave heralds a glorious weekend marked with joy.



Classic Easter Flowers

White-Classic-LilyFor all the beauty and refreshment that spring brings, flowers top the list for glorious magnificence. The most popular flower, the Easter lily, is native to Japan and symbolizes hope and life. Large, impressive, trumpet-shaped blooms dominate any bouquet, and traditional Easter lilies in a pot with their lovely, dark green foliage can be a dramatic addition to a flower bed. Outside, they need well-draining soil, moderate temperatures and indirect sunlight. The White Classic Lily from bloomstoday.com raises the bar for Easter greetings to a loved one. Another beautiful all-white, spring bouquet with lilies tucked in among roses, mini carnations and spider pompoms is the Classic All White Bouquet. The lilies in the vase will be buds upon arrival for the full experience and enjoyment of their opening.

Adding Spring to the Arrangement


Spring-Tulip-BouquetMany other spring blossoms are available in Easter bouquets, and each one proclaims its own unique majesty and elegance. More than 4,000 varieties of tulips in vivid colors arrive at floral shops each spring. The Spring Tulip Bouquet at bloomstoday.com features a powerful mix of twilight magenta and lemon yellows with wispy pink, cherry reds and slender greenery. While we all may have pulled petals from a daisy in younger years to know for sure(!) if “s/he loves me [or] s/he loves me not,” the ubiquitous daisy is associated with innocence and loyalty. The most traditional is the Shasta daisy, and the larger, graceful gerbera daisy embellishes floral bouquets in a stunning fashion. The “Color Your Day with Laughter” bouquet in a tangerine-color bucket is one of the sweetest Easter floral arrangements to send from bloomstoday.com.

Other Floral Ideas

Color-Your-Day-With-LaughterDaffodils are another popular Easter flower as they pop up all over in gardens and parks. These single flower stems convey love and respect. Chrysanthemums are some of the most cheerful flowers on the planet, and carnations come in full size and smaller, several colors and are among the longest lasting of flowers. Whatever you choose to convey Happy Easter will be received with loving gratitude and assured delight. Bloomstoday.com ~ 1-800-359-5309.


By Joanne M. Anderson



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