Creative Ways to Discover Her Favorite Flower

February 16, 2015 / Blooms Today

Surprising your significant other with her favorite flower is an exciting and meaningful way to show your love. It’s a symbol that you care and are willing to go the extra mile to show her your commitment. Whether you’ve been married for 20 years and you think her tastes have changed, or you’re just getting to know someone and don’t know what she likes, here are some subtle and not-so-subtle ways to discover which flower is really her favorite.




  • Ask her parents or best friend. They may or may not have the answer for you, but asking someone your significant other is close to is a great starting place. You can do it without her ever knowing and really surprise her with her favorite arrangement or a perfect single flower.
  • Sneak the question into a conversation. Ask her a series of random questions about favorites well in advance of the time you plan to buy the flowers. The question will appear to be one of many seemingly unrelated subjects. She’ll likely forget that you asked and you’ll be armed with precisely the information needed to give her the perfect surprise.
  • Just ask her. Sometimes it’s best to be direct. You can still make the gift a surprise by having the flowers shipped immediately to her work or home. The swiftness of your action will be a surprise on its own. She’ll never expect that you would ask about flowers and have them delivered on the same day.



  • Go on a walk. Plan an outing near a flower shop or garden and purposefully meander that way. You can even do this at the grocery store. Mention your own opinion about some of the blooms. Watch carefully as she reacts to what you say and the flowers there. If she is strongly opinionated, she’ll say something related to what she prefers.iStock_000023032030Large_smaller
  • Look up flowers online for “your mom” or another person in your life. This works best when there is actually an occasion coming up that warrants giving flowers. Do this in a conspicuous area. Ask your significant other for help determining which flower arrangement or types to get. She might talk about what she knows the other person likes, but chances are good that she’ll also give away some of her own opinions without thinking twice.


Expert Level

  • Go to a perfume or essential oil store. This tactic requires a few steps and some detective work. Ask her which scents she prefers and take note of her reactions to different brands. Then, look up the scent profiles of the brands that she liked. See if there are any common denominators. Then find the flowers that have fragrances closely aligned with what she picked out. She may be surprised at how thoughtful your flower choice is, and if it isn’t already her favorite, it could be now


  • Think about her. If you consider yourself pretty good at understanding what your lady wants, then you might be able to figure out her favorite flower just by reflecting on her style. Does she prefer eco-friendly products and earthy tones? Is she more classic and straightforward? Does she prefer glamour and adore pinks and purples? Understanding her personality and style will allow you to hone in on the ideal flower. You can even describe her overall tastes to a florist, who will be able to give you some flower suggestions to help you strike the perfect chord with a memorable gift.


I Think She Hates Flowers. What Do I Do?

Contrary to what you might think, a florist has much more than just flowers. If you’re struggling with choosing a gift, your florist can help find something to fit your needs and delight her. If your gal is more nature inspired, you might be able to get a bamboo arrangement or a potted plant. We also have fruit and gourmet baskets and other alternatives. You could even give her a certificate for trees planted in her honor by the National Forest Foundation. If you’re sure she dislikes flowers, there are so many more ways you can surprise her with a gift from the florist.


Regardless of your selection, it is truly the thought that counts. If she can see that you spent time thinking about which flowers would best suit her, rather than picking the first bouquet off the shelf at the grocery store, she’ll love the meaning behind the gesture. Add a card with a message describing how you came to your decision. The effort you put into planning and choosing a gift says so much in the eyes of a loved one.





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