Designing the Perfect Wedding Bouquet

May 21, 2015 / Blooms Today

Ah, the wedding bouquet: the symbol of the bride’s good luck and the piece every lady longs to catch. In old England, the wedding bouquet would actually be carried by the bride as a decoy! After the ceremony, women would try to rip pieces from the bride’s dress to steal some of her good fortune, and she would toss the bouquet into the air as a distraction while she ran away.

Nowadays, the throwing of the bouquet is a bit more lighthearted and fun. Whichever lucky single lady catches the bouquet will be the next to marry. If you’re planning your wedding, or are looking for some lovely bouquet ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re traditional, eclectic, or you appreciate a vintage look, be sure to choose a bouquet which represents your personality and style. If you’re one for symbolism, you can draw upon the Victorian Language of Flowers to infuse your bouquet with symbolic meaning.

Vintage and Rustic

White DahliasFor a vintage style bouquet in a subdued color palette, use pale colored flowers with full blossoms. White dahlias, silver brunia, and Versilia roses make a bouquet reminiscent of the French countryside, and simple, rustic beauty. In Victorian flower language, roses represent love, joy, and beauty.

For another vintage bouquet, incorporate sprigs of baby’s breath, cotton, and berries interspersed with pale pink sweet pea. Sweet pea is both colorful to the eye and nose. Its sweet scented flowers come in vibrant or muted shades of pinks and purples, but can also be found in white, so this flower has great versatility within a bouquet. Sweet pea represents long lasting pleasure, and its delicate flowers are great for accentuating fuller blooms in an arrangement.


Colorful TulipsFor a colorful and fun bouquet, incorporate tulips and scented geranium with large hellebores blooms. Tulips come in hundreds of shapes, colors, and sizes, so they can be customized to fit any style of bouquet. They symbolize love and passion.

For an exciting bouquet full of color, use giant sunflower blooms! These big flowers are the epitome of joy and lightheartedness and can be incorporated with sprigs of complementary blue bell. Sunflowers symbolize adoration, and blue bells represent everlasting love and gratitude.

Overall Shape

AnemoneIf you like tighter clusters of more delicate flowers, go for hydrangeas and anemones. These tight blooms will create an overall rounded shape, and can be accented with sprigs of baby’s breath. This bouquet is rife with symbolism: hydrangeas represent understanding, anemones represent expectation, and baby’s breath symbolizes innocence – a pretty accurate statement for the beginning of a new life together!

Likewise, stephanotis is a tight cluster of waxy, star-shaped flowers that grow on a vine and are individually wrapped to give the bouquet a round shape. These flowers are the ultimate symbol of unity and represent marital happiness. Stephanotis is one of the most popular and widely used wedding flowers.

Uncommon and Interesting

Lady-SlippersFor the eclectic bride who wants an eye-catching bouquet, consider flowers and foliage that have interesting patterns and texture. For example, lady slipper orchids have a unique shape and patterns of dots and stripes. Bird’s nest fern has a wonderful ruffled texture and scalloped edges. Orchids can be found in many colors, and they all symbolize love and beauty.


Bird-Nest-FernIf you would like to incorporate even more eclecticism, go for a bouquet of exciting shapes and colors. Pin cushion protea come in tones of orange, red and yellow, and look otherworldly when paired with winding fiddlehead ferns and juxtaposing dahlias. Dahlias symbolize commitment, dignity, and elegance.


BouquetFor the traditional bride, fluffy blooms of white gardenias, roses, and lilies will create the ideal bouquet. These classic flowers are some of the oldest standing traditions for bridal bouquets and represent the most important values in a marriage: joy, love, and honesty.

For another take on a traditional bouquet, consider an arrangement of frilly peonies interlaced with ranunculus and its fern-like foliage. Peonies symbolize bashfulness and ranunculus symbolizes being dazzled by the groom’s charm. This bouquet will represent the typical blushing bride.

Whatever flowers you choose to create your bouquet, be sure to put some time and thought into the process. Mostly, have fun while picking out flowers! Most flowers can be found in a wide variety of colors and shapes, so it shouldn’t be hard to match the overall theme of your wedding. Trendsetting brides can even look to some newly developed flowers in 2015 for inspiration. Mix and match textures, colors, and symbolism to make an eye-catching arrangement, and construct a bouquet you will proud to gift to the lucky lady who catches it.

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