Decorating With Flowers: Creative Decorating Ideas

January 29, 2015 / Blooms Today

Everyone loves flowers; arranging them, smelling them, and even using them for medicinal purposes. However, not everyone knows how to use flowers decoratively beyond the normal floral arrangement in a vase. Flowers can be used in and out of containers to brighten a home or other indoor space. Today, we’ll look at a few key ways to incorporate flowers into your indoor spaces.





Many dried flowers are ideal for flower crafts. Yarrow, both yellow and apple blossom, are two of the most popular flowers used for this purpose. Dried violets, rose petals, or bunches of herbs such as mint and basil are also popular and lend a special fragrant air to crafts. If you’ve never dried flowers before, you can air-dry them or use a microwave. Here’s a quick primer:

To Air-Dry:

Strip excess foliage and cut stems no shorter than six inches. Remove flowers from sunlight immediately to help them retain water. Secure flowers to a hanger with unflavored dental floss to dry in a dark, dry place with good air circulation like an attic. Leave flowers in the drying space 2-3 weeks until you’re sure they’re completely dry.

When Using a Microwave:

Choose a microwave-safe dish that you will not use for food right after the project. Coat the dish with 1-2 inches of silica gel, using slightly more than 2 inches for large blooms. Place the flowers blossom-up in the gel and gently pour more gel over the petals, being careful not to flatten them.

In general, you’ll want to start the microwave one or two levels above defrost for 2-5 minutes, but be aware that the time and heat blossoms can stand will vary. Roses, for example, can tolerate more heat than daisies. Consult a nursery professional if this is your first time drying flowers via microwave. Check progress often and increase or decrease time and heat as needed. Cover the container immediately after removing flowers from the microwave. Open the top ¼ of a centimeter and let sit for a full day. Clean off gel with a fine brush or acrylic spray, available at most craft stores. Please keep all dried flowers in cool areas away from sunlight or they will fade.

Other Flower Crafts

Pressed flower crafts are a quick and easy way to incorporate flowers into décor. These are usually done with a special flower press (check your local craft store) and mounted on paper such as handmade paper or special stationery. You can also make flower-scented candles with dried flowers. Place them on the surface of the candle, then dip in clear wax. This will help preserve fragrance, color, and bloom shape. If you’re having a party, you can create homemade nosegays to send home with each guest using either dried or fresh flowers – if fresh, give your guests instructions on drying or other forms of preservation. Finally, you can make your own vases from milk bottles or similar vessels.

Use Your Symbol Knowledge

Part of what makes flowers so unique is their symbolism. Dig deep into the symbolism of various flowers to create different vibes for certain rooms in your home. For example, if you have a colicky newborn or a cranky toddler, consider putting daffodils, daisies, or sunflowers in his or her room (always keep vases out of children’s reach). All these flowers are associated with cheerfulness, vitality, joy, and new starts. Sunflowers are naturally attracted to sunlight and can grow to great heights, making them a wonderful, natural focal point in a child’s room. If you don’t have live flowers or don’t have the time to devote to flower care, consider painting these flowers on your child’s walls or using posters and prints.

If your house is extremely busy, consider using blue or purple flowers to calm the atmosphere. Forget-me-nots are associated with both remembrance and a peaceful heart, so use them as either the focal points or filler flowers in flower arrangements. Invest in some lavender for the sweet fragrance and anxiety-reducing affects. The heart-shaped flower, brunnera, brings love to mind and is eye-catching when paired with yellow flowers or Japanese silver ferns.

If you want to promote love and compassion in your home, consider live pink flowers, posters, or prints. Carnations are a good starting point, since they’re usually sold fairly cheap and have a beautiful, layered blossom with a ruffled texture. You can also try pink peonies, which with guidance can have medicinal benefits, such as helping with headaches. For a real pop of pink, try party dress anemones or hollyhocks.

Photo Credit: Photographer CarlaBron offered the photograph of Dried Roses under a Creative Commons License on Pixabay

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