Totally Steal-able Centerpiece Ideas

March 19, 2015 / Blooms Today

There is always that one friend who pulls out the perfect centerpiece for any occasion. It’s original, it’s unique, and it’s relevant. So what are some ways to make your own enviable centerpiece? A few helpful hints can get the ball rolling toward centerpiece glory.






Centerpiece Styles

When contemplating the centerpiece you’d like to build, first decide which style will best suit your space and purposes. Is something exciting and colorful what you’re looking for, or will simple elegance be the better choice?

centerpiece-with-fruit.jpgFor more exciting centerpieces, color plays a crucial role. One great way to achieve the exact color you would like is through the use of flowers and, if needed, dyes. Placing a flower’s cut stem into a vase filled with food-colored water will allow that coloring to soak into your flower’s petals, creating an exciting and vibrant effect. Another great idea to add pizazz to your piece is throwing in some fruits or maybe even carved vegetables to offset your arrangement.

If an understated piece is what you’re looking for, don’t worry: classiness and boring could not be more different. The key to an elegant centerpiece is simplicity. For instance, the creative use of vegetables in combination with a clear vase can be soft yet surprising. Or, for more traditional pieces, lilies in combination with small muted colored fruits, like pears, can bring class to any table.

hanging-centerpiece.jpgUnique Centerpieces

Those looking to deviate from traditional centerpiece styles may consider looking into replacing the traditional vase with something less common. Kitchen supplies, for example, can serve as wonderful and creative vase substitutions.

If you would like to stick with a traditional vase, but are looking for a little something extra, you might consider the thoughtful addition of balloons to your piece. By capturing them in a net, varying them in size, or adding a glow stick to the inside of a white or silver balloon, centerpiece designers can incorporate inflatable elements while retaining their work’s class.

Simple Centerpieces

Sometimes, a tried and true centerpiece is the best kind. Roses arranged circularly in a simple glass vase communicates elegance with minimal effort. Or, alternatively, the glass vase itself could serve as a wonderful central focus. By placing a well-designed vase between two tall candles, arrangers can give their table a classic and stylish look that will fit into any space’s color scheme.candles-and-flowers.jpg

Another well-loved centerpiece feature is fruit. When citrus fruits are added to a centerpiece either as an accent or a main attraction, the effect can be mesmerizing. The addition of fruits to a glass vase, for instance, can add a much needed pop of color to the room without overpowering the table.

Holiday and Seasonal Centerpieces

Spring centerpieces can be exciting and affordable. With the new blooms of the season and wildflowers easily found, centerpiece crafters can craft a testament to their local flora easily and creatively in a snap. Stringing together multiple colors and types of flowers gives this style a coveted natural look that is easily maintained throughout the season.

Summer centerpieces, much like spring, are wonderful because of the seasonal plants they can feature. Show off your summer harvest by arranging the fruits and vegetables of the season to display their color and contrast.glow-centerpiece.jpg

Traditional autumn styles feature browned leaves, branches, and seasonal gourdes. Try hollowing out a gourd to use in lieu of a vase, then filling it with the leaves, twigs, and dried flowers found in your area. It’s a great way to welcome the cooler weather with style and class.

Winter arrangements often center on the holidays, but this is by no means a requirement. While it can be fun to experiment with ornaments, some great arrangements can be made just by using the features of the season. By combining pine sprigs, holly, and pinecones with candles, you can create gorgeous pieces that are relevant to your décor far after the holidays have passed.Christmas-centerpiece.jpg

With the multitude of centerpiece styles and designs available, there is noshortage of opportunities to create a piece for your style, the season, or even your mood. So be bold and experiment! You’re sure to create the perfect centerpiece for your needs.

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