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July 12, 2016 / Blooms Today

Native to North America and cherished for its immense blossoms, as well as oil and seeds, the sunflower is one of the largest, most beautiful and easily recognized flowers. The buds follow the movement of the sun from dawn to sunset, and once in full bloom, the flower faces east. Many of the cultivated varieties have one blossom per stem, and wild sunflowers have several. Kansas is the Sunflower State for its abundance of multiple-headed plants, so much so that it is considered a weed. According to 2004 Guinness World Records, the largest sunflower bloom was 32 inches, the tallest was 25 feet 5.4 inches, and the most blossoms or heads on one plant numbered 837.

Most commonly, sunflowers grow several feet tall, though smaller ones have been developed for containers and more modest spaces. Yellow reigns for color, though a beautiful assortment of rust colors is available. Artists are lured to sunflowers for painting, and they are found in almost everything from fabrics, clothing and interior decor to dishes and metal sculpture. Sunflower oil is healthy, light and carries the most vitamin E of any vegetable oil. Sunflower seeds are treasured for their nutritional content, crunchiness and taste.

Tall-SunflowersThe extraordinary adoration of sunflowers is embraced by where you can order these stunning blossoms for your friends and loved ones. All sorts of enchanting messages on the hand-written card which accompanies this bouquet can include sunny and sunshine references like:

  • Van-Gogh-SunflowerYou are my sunshine! (friendship, love)
  • All things sunny remind me of you (friendship, love)
  • Cheering you up with sunflowers (get well)
  • Big flowers like your big heart (thank you)
  • A spot of sunshine for you today (cheerful)
  • I love you for your sunny personality (spirit lifter)
  • Remembering the sunshine in his/her face/life (sympathy)
  • Happy sunflowers for a happy birthday (happy birthday)
  • Congratulations on your baby sunflower (welcome baby)
  • Big promotion = big flowers (congratulations)


Many other floral arrangements include sunflowers, which always draw the eye into the bouquet. They command center stage and look positively radiant with accent greenery, whimsical daisies, fun poms, cute carnations and even the ubiquitous rose tucked in here and there. A wide assortment of vases and charming containers is available for holding sunflower assortments.

Sunflower-Close-UpThe National Sunflower Association at is a treasure trove of information, production statistics, how to grow and harvest, news, international marketing and more. Here you can find all you need to know, like sunflowers not being a genetically modified (GMO) plant. You can read The Sunflower magazine online and learn about resources for teachers, like a coloring book and history page. Review how to roast in-shell sunflower seeds and the differences between three types of sunflower oil and between seeds and kernels.

Sunflower-Likes-SunSending big sunflower blooms to someone you know and care about delivers really big good wishes for their big impact in any arrangement. Go big today with a sunflower bouquet and cheerful message. It will make a mighty big, happy splash of sunshine in someone’s day! ¬†

By Joanne M. Anderson


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