Better to Give than Receive

August 16, 2016 / Blooms Today

It is “better to give than receive” is often cited as a mantra that connotes the emotional benefits of the giver over those of the receiver. In fact, there is great value to the well-being of people when they give. Right off the top, the mental and emotional focus of the person who gives is outside of self. In a world where some folks have been labeled “the me generation”, it’s refreshing to note that the U.S. is still the most giving nation on the planet.  



Pure giving without expectation of anything in return is an act of altruism or the unselfish concern for someone else, and it promotes one’s psychological health. Sending flowers from, for example, expresses interest, caring and appreciation for another in a beautiful way. Giving a gift card to Starbucks is a sweet way to treat someone to a couple of their favorite lattes. Even choosing one of the very clever e-cards can lift the spirits of the sender knowing s/he is offering visual and musical cheer to a friend or loved one.

Online giving is especially easy across the miles, when doing something in person is not possible. Delivering happiness from afar via fresh cut flowers brings joy to the hearts of two – the sender and the recipient. It strengthens bonds of friendship and love between people who care. It’s a win-win above all.

EmotionBeyond just whipping out a credit card and clicking or tapping around online, choosing flowers specifically for someone raises the bar on thoughtfulness. A flowering plant is perfect for longevity, yet nothing rivals fresh flowers for natural beauty and exquisite style in a vase. When you know someone’s favorite color, you can build a bouquet around that. For personality, you can go whimsical with daisies and mums or romantic with roses and mini-carnations. Purples are regal, and yellow always evokes sunshine.

Monochromatic floral bouquets provide an eclectic blend of different shades of the same color into a bouquet of blooms in a variety of shapes and sizes. A patriotic mix is welcome in anyone’s home or office, and when you click the final send button, your own healthy sense of satisfaction promotes a peaceful feeling inside.

Flower-GiftJust as positive thoughts, music and sunshine can lift one’s spirits, so can fresh flowers impact the well-being of the giver as much as the receiver. On the non-profit front, people give to causes about which they feel passionate. Sending flowers taps into the same side of passion ~ for someone else. There is great expectation and positive vibes inside you from knowing a gorgeous flower bouquet will soon surprise someone you care about.    

It was Robert F. Kennedy who stated: “The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better,” while his brother JFK once quipped: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” This latter one can be pared down to asking what you can do for someone else today, embracing that your sense of having given to someone else is as great or even greater than their gratitude in receiving a blessing from you ~ especially when wonderful, fragrant, lovely, long-lasting, fresh flowers are involved!

By Joanne M. Anderson

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