What is the Best way to Send Flowers to Someone?

June 27, 2014 / Blooms Today

When sending flowers to a friend or loved one, you always want them to arrive in beautiful, perfect condition. Whether it is for a special occasion or “just because,” the appearance and health of the flowers you send are very important. There are three primary methods of sending flowers; consider your options before placing you order.



Ordering Over the Phone

This is one of the most popular methods but it isn’t always the best method. It is a fast way to order flowers, but you won’t be able to see the flowers you order before they are sent. This does not mean the flowers will not be in perfect condition, but you are taking a chance. If speed and convenience are what you prefer, this may be the best method. Be sure to choose a florist that has a good reputation for reliably sending high quality flower arrangements.

Ordering Online

Most well-known florist websites show exactly what your flowers will look like. Many also allow the customer to customize the arrangements and personalize the packaging and cards that will be included. This may be more expensive, especially if you choose a florist that is not in the residential area of the person you are sending the flowers to. Most online florists have a good reputation for getting the customers’ orders exact.

Ordering in Person

If you have a favorite local florist shop, you may prefer to go in and place your order in person. This may take a little more time, but you will be able to choose exactly which flowers you want and how you want them arranged, packaged, and what accessories they have. You may also have the option of paying in cash, by credit card, or having a bill sent to your mailing address. This is also the best method to use in case the delivered arrangement is not what you ordered. It is much easier to go back to a local florist shop and request a refund or replacement order if they do not get it right.


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