The Best Smelling Flowers

June 24, 2014 / Blooms Today

Many flowers become popular not only for their beauty, but also because they smell great. Fragrant flowers are a treat for the senses and can help make an environment quite pleasant. Fragrant flowers are often planted in gardens and put in bouquets so that people can enjoy their scent. In this blog, Blooms Today will share a compiled list of some of the most fragrant flowers.




Roses are well-known for both their beauty and their smell. Rose scented perfumes, soaps, candles and lotions are popular items because their smell is so enjoyable. Most often, rose bushes will have the strong, natural smell, whereas bouquets purchased from a store will smell nice, just not as strong.



The Lavender shrub carries many tiny purple flowers that have a rich fragrance. Like the rose, the scent of lavender is also commonly used in perfumes, colognes, bath oils, soaps and other body care products. Lavender oil is used for aromatherapy due to the calming effects of this flower’s scent.




Jasmine flowers are white with a starry shape and have a unique, rich scent.  In fact, these flowers are widely cultivated solely for their scent. Jasmine oil is used in many perfumes and cosmetics all over the world and also in aromatherapy as an antidepressant.




Gardenia flowers are full and white with a strong, sweet scent. Although gardenias are quite beautiful, they are grown primarily for their fragrance because it is so captivating. Gardenia plants are popular to have in and around the garden and home as the fragrant is strong enough to fill the air and be enjoyed by many.

Winter Honeysuckle


The Winter honeysuckle plant is the most fragrant species of honeysuckle. Although the flowers are quite small in size, they are powerful and can be detected from miles away. Honeysuckle will often grow in the wild and are a pleasant reminder of warm weather and outdoor activities.





Lilac has a powerful fragrance. The fragrance from lilac flowers is another popular scent used in candles, perfumes, and skin care products. Among the various types of lilacs available, the white lilacs have the sweetest scent. The scent of lilacs can typically be smelled in the early months of summer.


sweet-pea-71528_640Sweet Peas

Sweet peas have a unique fragrance for which they are popular all over the world. They were actually named for their sweet fragrance. The intensity of the fragrance of sweet peas however, varies with factors like heat, rainfall, time of the day and age of the flower.


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