Best Indoor Plants: Increasing Efficiency and Air Quality in your Office

March 29, 2016 / Blooms Today

There is a grant out there to study almost anything, and evaluating the value of green plants in office settings is on the list. Professors at Texas A&M University, Washington State University and Surrey University in England have all concluded that plants do lower stress and enhance work productivity. Workers are less tense and more focused with fresh, live, green plants in their work environments.

Green plants break up the monotony of white walls, gray cubicles, black or cream keyboards and wood grain look furniture. They add a splash of nature indoors, and several kinds can contribute to cleaner air. Many attractive, low maintenance plants which can thrive in your work space are available from for convenient delivery to your office door.


Easy To Care For Indoor Plants:

Philodendron-PlantPhilodendron – easy to grow, climbs if directed, ideal for hanging basket, nice medium to dark green or variegated leaves.

Parlor palm – great for barrier, tropical presence, ok with low light, can grow tall.

Spider plant – lovely hanging plant with shoots to re-root for more and to share, solid or variegated leaves, good for improved air quality.

Snake plant – aka mother-in-law’s tongue, tall, sword-shaped, green and yellow leaves, several in a row can make a nice divider.



Cactus – perfect for the ever-so-occasional waterer and conversation piece.

Rubber plant – good for reducing air pollutants, big leaves, hearty, might grow very tall.

Peace lily – grows fast, cleans the air, tolerant of low light, pretty, peaceful.




English ivy – can eliminate mold, flexible light requirements, climbs or falls nicely, easy to keep, cute small leaves.

Umbrella tree – nice for privacy screen, good grower indoors, most often a floor resident for its height.

Boston fern – pretty hanging basket, needs light and moist potting soil, can drop old leaves often.


African-VioletAfrican violet – terrific flowers and splash of color, likes fluorescent lights and dark nights, a bit touchy for attention.

Jade plant – known as the money plant that brings financial success, which is reason enough to get one, minimal water.

Weeping fig – good for filtering toxins from rugs and pressed wood furniture, lovely dark green leaves, dust occasionally.


Where To Find Office Plants:

Whether you are ordering a few plants for yourself, a colleague in the next building or a friend across the country, ask the representative to tuck in a few fresh flowers for a vibrant arrival. Once the flowers are past their prime, the plant remains, some last years in office environments, and yours could be one. They add a bright, natural, focal point to your office or reception area.

Green plants can improve indoor air quality and provide a little fencing of sorts to keep you focused and energized. And, yes, you can talk to your plants. Run some ideas past them. They like it. Don’t forget ~ they like water, too, sometimes.

By Joanne M. Anderson

Photo Credit:

Photographer Stefan Schweihofer offered the photograph of Philodendron under a Creative Commons License on Pixabay

Photographer Milada Vigerova offered the photograph of Cactus under a Creative Commons License on Pixabay

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