Winter Wonderland Outside ~ Beautiful Bulbs Inside

February 23, 2016 / Blooms Today

In much of the country, it’s a bit chilly outdoors for gardening though you can take the few good days which come along to turn some compost into your soil. Pick up branches and debris that have found their way into your yard and begin planning when, where and how to start seeds indoors for spring planting.






Should you hit a big DIY moment and crave bright, colorful flowers on a windowsill, then forcing some bulbs could be your new project. Bulbs are a blend of botanical storage tissues which includes tubers, rhizomes, bulbs and tuberous roots. Early spring bulb flowers which inch their way upward include daffodils, tulips, crocus and hyacinth. Summer bulb flowers like baby daffodils and amaryllis can be forced to bloom in winter.


It’s a time-consuming kind of project, not that you need to spend much time at it, but the bulbs themselves must be chilled in a cool, dark place for three or four months. To force blooms, plant them tightly together in a soil-less potting mix with tips facing up. Then they need to rest in a cool, dry place, like a garage or refrigerator, another six weeks as their roots develop.


Well, you cannot begin this process now, so consider the seed is planted for you to undertake this bulb process next fall, but you still have your DIY energy and a craving for fresh bulb flowers. You can purchase pre-chilled bulbs. Many of these can easily be placed in a glass vase with just rocks and water. They will still take four to six weeks to open, but you can watch the entire process right through the glass.


Hyacinth-bulbsBecause many bulb flowers, like tulips and amaryllis, have tall stems, you have to offer them support of a bamboo stick, strong floral wire or something vertical so they don’t fall over, knocking rocks and water to the floor, along with shards of glass that used to be your vase. In a sunny window with temperatures 68 degrees and above, sooner than you think, you’ll have stunning blooms in brilliant colors.

Then, on the outside chance that you are in the market for instant gratification for fresh, pretty, colorful flowers while all is cold and gray outside, simply log on to Spring for the largest bouquet you see and consider the DIY angle making a couple small vases from your bouquet to take to a friend. Bring along a few cookies and hot chocolate packets and brighten someone’s day with a little bouquet and hot cocoa time.


By Joanne M. Anderson

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