Beating Winter Blues with Easy Care Plants

January 6, 2016 / Blooms Today

Like small pets, indoor plants give us purpose, something to care for and enjoy. Unlike small pets, they do not consume a significant amount of time, and their feeding regimen is relatively simple. They need water and light and a little fertilizer in varying amounts depending on the variety.

Flowering plants are exceptionally pretty and must receive more indirect sunlight than foliage indoor plants; southern window exposure is great. Green, leafy plants can tolerate light from windows even on the north side. is a wonderful source for both. The floral and plant professionals on staff can assist you with the best choice for yourself or whomever you are sending a live plant and loving reminder of your care and concern.


Along with water and light ~ natural or artificial ~ indoor plants thrive or not  depending on heat and humidity levels. Winter air is dryer and often heat is higher indoors. Keep plants away from heat vents and cold drafts. Many plants will do fine with indirect or artificial lighting, watering when dry to touch and occasional misting. Check your individual choice for specifics and talk to the specialists to make the best decision.

Slow-growing plants, like the cast iron plant and palm tree can be tall and live for many years. Some of the most easy to care for houseplants include:


  • jade
  • wandering Jew
  • cactus
  • polytail palm
  • spider plant
  • snake plant
  • philodendron
  • English ivy
  • dragon tree
  • Boston fern

Some indoor flowering plants add fragrance to your home, like the jasmine plant and orchids. The kalanchoe plant is wildly popular for clusters of tiny flowers, and the most popular of all time is the lovely, African violet. Beautiful small flowers in pinks, white, blues and purples nest in among furry, deep green leaves. Cyclamen and the prayer plant also present delightful flowers.


Whatever you decide, sending a live plant with some colorful fresh flowers tucked in provides the instant emotional high of beautiful blooms in winter and the long lasting gift of live greens. It’s a win-win for win-ter! 1-800-359-5309.

By Joanne M. Anderson



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