Back-to-School Flowers: Celebrating New Beginnings

August 22, 2016 / Blooms Today

Now that the first day’s outfit has been selected and most kids have pencils, notebooks and hand sanitizer at the ready, it’s time to consider creative ways to honor parents as well as teachers. Not much is more beautiful or creative than the colorful bouquets of complementary flowers and stems from




Parents go through a wild array of emotions when school begins, as their children advance a year in school and growing up. It all goes fast, and fresh flowers can be a wonderful comfort to a special mom who has just sent off a child on a big yellow school bus for the first time, her oldest, or perhaps the last time, her youngest. It’s possible some tears roll behind that closed front door.  Imagine the delight of opening the same door to a fresh flower delivery that expresses someone’s love and care. Dads are just as proud and can be emotional as well. ADish-Garden plant in his workspace next to a family photo can be just the lift he needs during the day.

Some moms have their own back-to-school celebrations, gathering over coffee and donuts for conversation and emotional support. An exquisite floral arrangement makes the entire little event more bearable. With one of the “greatest” bouquets, you can send each mom home with a stem of friendship, especially the younger moms who may need loving encouragement from more experienced ones.

The real nucleus in the back-to-school environment is the TEACHER. She or he is charged with imparting information and developing learning skills which will Springtime-Happinessbenefit each child for a lifetime. Teachers are beloved and treasured for decades by children, many who stay in touch into and after college. But teaching is not an easy street kind of job in spite of the vacations and summers. According to the National Education Association, teachers spend an average of 50 hour per week on teaching-related tasks like grading papers, planning lessons and pulling extra duties like after school clubs and watching bus drivers and loading kids. That may explain why some 50% of new teachers quit within five years.

Spirit-of-SunshineOnce fall has set in and routine has been established at school, every teacher is challenged with always being upbeat, confident, personable, organized and clever every day. Teachers are experts, not only in the classroom, but also in matters like shoes, workspace at home and innovation to keep material interesting. Elementary and middle school instructors especially are on their feet more than 50 percent of the day, and they know cheap shoes with poor support are not on their back-to-school shopping list. Grading papers consumes many evenings and weekends, and they are always alert to ways of presenting history, math, science and other subjects in interesting ways, even if that means a trip to a discount store at 8 p.m. on a school night or spending a Saturday morning making a chart or visual presentation.

Teachers are often the mainstay for some kids to lift their confidence with learning and skill development like reading and multiplication. Teacher can have the smile, be the encourager and bring out the brightest potential in youngsters. When you send flowers to a teacher, you are pleasantly surprising and rewarding that instructor in a mighty way. Surely, teachers often wonder if anyone values the incredible efforts and out-of-the-box planning and preparation they do almost every day of the school year.

Cheerful-GreetingsYou don’t even need a kid in the classroom to bolster a teacher’s day with fresh flowers – it could be a teacher you once had or your own sister or a teacher friend who spends days shaping little minds and opening broad horizons for tomorrow’s leaders, movers and shakers. If you don’t know a particular teacher, send flowers to the school’s teacher lounge and let them know they are all appreciated! It’s a very small price to pay for the formative education years we entrust to teachers.

By Joanne M. Anderson

Photo Credit: Photographer condesign offered the photograph of Flowers and Book under a Creative Commons License on Pixabay

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