Baby Showers ‘n Flowers ‘n More: gender reveal and baby names, too!

May 19, 2016 / Blooms Today

From the gender reveal party and baby shower through baby’s arrival and onward, flowers and charming centerpieces will delight a mom-to-be and new mom every step of the way.

While most folks are revealing gender inside cakes, cupcakes and envelopes, you can raise the bar with a floral centerpiece, hidden from sight until just the right moment ~ and only and a trusted friend know the answer! Have the nurse give the gender card to your best pal who orders one of’s enchanting pink bouquets like “It’s a Baby Girl” or “Pink Pearls” or “Shimmering Blush” in a charming pink vase. “It’s a Baby Boy” is a sharp blend of cobalt blues, sunny yellows and, appropriately, snow white baby’s breath. You can’t beat a Patriotic Bouquet for the military family, boy or girl.

Babies have been named for flowers across generations, like:

  • Its-A-Baby-Girl[For Girls]
  • Rose
  • Lily
  • Daisy
  • Myrtle
  • Laurel
  • Violet
  • Jasmine
  • Iris
  • Alyssa
  • [For Boys]
  • Its-A-Baby-BoySage
  • Alder
  • [sweet] William
  • Heath (heather)
  • Ash(ley)
  • Johnny (jump ups)
  • Anthony (Greek anthos, flower)
  • Jarred (Hebrew, rose)
  • Roosevelt (Dutch, field of roses)


Pink-PearlsWhen planning a baby shower, consider the meanings of flowers for your gorgeous bouquets. According to the list at, lots of these combinations can match the personality of the mom-to-be or the new mom after the birth. Flowers will brighten those early long nights and potentially tiring days, and your special meaning bouquet can be assembled with help from the professionals at Toss in a few announcement balloons and a teddy bear — for the mom!


  • Shimmering-BlushDelphinium, fun, big-hearted
  • Baby’s breath, purity of heart, innocence
  • Pansy, thoughtful reflection
  • Chrysanthemum, joy and optimism
  • Lucerne, life
  • Azalea, womanhood in China
  • Daisy, beauty and innocence
  • Orchid, symbol of many children in China
  • Buttercup, childishness
  • Marjoram, happiness, joy
  • Forsythia, expectation, anticipation
  • White larkspur, happy-go-lucky, joyful
  • Caladium, immense delight and joy
  • Peppermint, warm feelings
  • Mallow, sweetness, delicate beauty
  • Rose, dark pink ~ thankfulness; light pink ~ joy and grace


By Joanne M. Anderson

Photo Credit: Photographer Lisa Runnels offered the photograph of Baby Girl Newborn Sleeping under a Creative Commons License on Pixabay

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