6 Ways to Use Roses

February 13, 2015 / Blooms Today

Roses are among the most popular flowers. They are symbolic of romantic love, staples of Valentine’s Day and anniversaries, and cherished by virtually every culture on every continent. In fact, the rose has been cultivated by the Chinese for thousands of years, and in the United States alone over a hundred million roses are grown just for February. But beyond compiling bouquets and handing them out on dates, few know of additional applications for roses.


Rose oil, for instance, has been considered useful for treating mental health issues. As a good source of vitamins and found frequently in tea, they have also found use helping with infections, viruses, and relieving digestive issues.


By steam-distilling rose petals, you can isolate the aromatic compounds that make up a rose’s compelling scent. Hydrosol, the compound left after the distillation, is what gives roses their wide range of properties. There are various categories of rosewater on the market. Some have industrial purposes, others are food grade and safe for consumption. If you are using rose petals for food or heating the product to extract the oil, do not purchase roses from a local florist. They likely purchase flower that have been sprayed with chemical that make human consumption unsafe.

If you are interested in growing roses yourself during the coming year, the process is surprisingly straightforward. With February 14th just around the corner, we’d like to give some additional examples of ways you may use this beautiful flower!

  1. Rose petals are edible. The number of applications roses have for food and beverages is staggering.
    • Tea: Petals can be added to tea to accentuate the flavor. Roses also contain antioxidants, effectively supplementing its herbal cousin.
    • Soup: The delicious flavor provided by petals adds flavor to either broth or ingredients cooked separately. Rose hip, pea, or potato soups all benefit from this flower’s delicious addition.
    • Specialty drinks: The internet is filled with martinis and cocktail recipes that include rosewater or rose petals.
    • Fruit salad: Rose petals are a great, tasty way to enliven your dishes. They are great for romantic dishes and picnics.tea-381235_1920
  2. Make potpourri. Dry some rose petals and add a chemical that serves as what’s called a fixative. This will improve the retention rate of the petals’ aroma. Then put in some other additives found at your local craft store.pink-roses-600011-640-260X260
  3. Freeze them. Petals can be frozen into ice cubes, putting a surprising romantic twist on meals for in-house dates.
  4. Home-made cosmetic products. Rosewater is a great additive for tonic, soaps, eye creams, bath mixes, and honey masks.
  5. Roses have other romantic uses. Petals have a beautiful fragrance that accentuate lingerie, bathwater, or bed sheets. Their aroma is strong enough to permeate most tablecloths, so hiding them underneath before a meal will set the mood. Rosewater can also be added to massage oils or liquid incense.
  6. For arts and crafts. Rose buds, petals, or cut-stem flowers can be dried and made into bracelets, pictures, and other decorations. Consider using rosewater to scent homemade décor and presents for romantic events and anniversaries.rose-116556_1280

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